Monday, April 14, 2014

Blame the victim

This is a follow-on story to the incident that took place some time ago in the Avenues mall where a young Lebanese doctor was stabbed to death with a meat cleaver after an altercation in a parking lot.  Kuwait has been rocked by the rise of recent violent crimes committed by Kuwaitis; unprecedented in the past.

‘Merely A Quarrel, Did Not Intend To Kill Him’
Mall Murder Appeal Adjourned
Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, April 13: The Appeals Court presided over by Judge Ali Al-Derai adjourned to May 5 the appeal filed by four suspects charged for the murder of the Lebanese doctor at Avenues Mall. The first suspect said during investigations that the incident was merely a quarrel and he did not intend to kill the suspect. He also said he became incensed because he was humiliated and beaten by the victim in front of his friends, so he stabbed the victim in self defense.

He admitted buying a knife from a shop in the mall and stabbing the victim in the chest, adding he threw the knife in a waste bin near Avenues Mall while escaping from the scene. Later on, he fled to his house in Sulaibiya area and then moved to the camp of one friend in Julai’a, claiming he didn’t think the victim had died of stab wounds, until one of his friends called to tell him that the victim had died in hospital. As a result, he thought of escaping via the Kuwaiti-Saudi borders.
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It was premeditated murder as evidenced by his intent to purchase a weapon.   The crime didn’t happen at the same time; the suspect went to a store, purchased a weapon, returned and killed the victim. He had time to consider his actions and the results.

Furthermore, it can not be considered  self-defense as had it been, he would have been defending himself against a person who was intent on killing HIM, not the other way around. And then - dude with the MEAT CLEAVER tried to run to Saudi Arabia!

Hang ‘em!

Humiliated him over what?  A parking space?  Seriously? 

This society is so INTENT on blaming someone/anyone else and never taking ownership of one’s own actions.  There needs to be accountability!  Law enforcement.  Send a message to all those other would-be murderers in Kuwait that it is NOT OKAY to take someone else’s life!  You are responsible for your own actions.  Own it.

What are the names of these murderers?  I haven't seen anything about THAT in the newspapers!  Publish them.  Put their faces out there.  Let everybody know what kind of animals are roaming around.

I'm not just saying this about Kuwait, but many people raise spoiled, ungrateful, uncaring kids; who later grow up to be spoiled, ungrateful, uncaring adults. They shouldn't be allowed to get away for killing someone else's child.  


Anonymous said...

Agree with you 100 percent!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, the struggle has been tuned to be shias VS sunnis.
knowing that the killer is sunni and the victim is shia, you will notice there are many things wrong with this trial.
Two parties are fighting having this trial as a front.