Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Don't let your kids bark at big dogs! A message to Phucktards

Phucktards shouldn't be allowed to have children.  Plain and simple.  But when they do, and then their kids get hurt and they wonder why; the simplest reason is usually the most accurate:  Because they're phucktards and shouldn't have been allowed to bring children into the world.

Case in point:  Why do you sit back and watch as your small children approach (run, walk up to, dance around) a dog which has been bred for protection and/or aggression and start barking in his/her face?  What do you think the outcome will be?

How cute is this:  Let your children run in front of cars and make the tire-screeching noise, directed towards the oncoming vehicle.  Same principle, really.  Outcome inevitable.

I know that education is key to this scenario and many people aren't educated about animals.  But phucktards, really.... we share the planet with creatures that actually might have a higher capacity for learning than you do.  At the very least understand, that these creatures have much larger teeth than you or your children, are faster than you and your children, and may not speak your language.

I think that I may just teach my dog the code for attack as "How".  That way, when these small phucktards run up to him and start with the "how how how!" (in dog-speak here), he'll just not waste the time on pleasantries and go right for the jugular.

"How How" you like me now?

(When you see someone walking their dog at a quarter-kilo distance from people, there is a reason why.)

--- end of daily rant ---


Rob said...

We used to get this in Qatar as well - whole families would pull up next to us in their SUVs so that they could all wind down the windows and bark at our two dogs. This would include whichever parent was driving as well.

Our dogs, bless them, would simply sit and look at us as if to say "what are these phucktards doing?"

Desert Girl said...

Rob - You made me laugh. Good mental picture! Thanks, buddy! :)

Anonymous said...

I get this all the time when I am walking my dog. My standard response to anyone who approaches me now is "back up or she will bite you". Works a treat, see them retreat at record speed!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 9:00 - I have tried that, but when I get nervous my Arabic flips off! But come to think of it, even when I have said it in Arabic, they just stand there and wait for my dog to do something.

"Hey, he is about to bite your face off. MOVE!" (Blank stare, no movement...)

Angel Vella said...

You are totally right they don't get it. Where I stay there there is loads of these phucktards. Doesn't matter you walking with huge dogs, doesn't matter you talk their language, they just wait the worst to happen....I can never really have a quiet peaceful walk with my dog.

TisMe said...

Well What about the phucktards that bring there dogs to public walking/biking areas.

I almost fell of my bicycle when this germanshepard mofo barked at me!

AND no it wasn't my fault.I didn't even get in eye contact with him.

Desert Girl said...

TisMe -

Dog's bark. Humans speak. I don't understand what surprised you. When humans bark and dog's speak - now there is the twist.

The dog was probably just saying, "Dude! I love your bike! Awesome." Take it as a compliment. :P