Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PINK Moon and My Solar Return

I'm having some funky stuff go on in my planets this birthday!

Pink moon!  PINK!  How amazing is THAT?

What is the Universe trying to tell me? We shall see.

I signed up for an astrology reading a few years at and this year on my B-day, they sent me a very detailed "free gift" reading - which I VERY much appreciated.  It told me that I'm having a solar return birthday.  I had no idea...  The reading they sent me was 23 pages long and full of accurate details.  Fascinating.

What is a "Solar Return Birthday" you ask?  Well....I've read differing things:

...The Solar Return occurs each year within a day of your birthday.  This chart marks the potent moment when the Sun returns to the exact position it was on the day of your birth.  Birthdays are the best time of year for Solar Returns, although the chart can be a helpful study tool.

Solar Returns can offer detailed information about the year ahead—its major themes and motifs, as well as the best strategies to navigate the year with confidence and grace.  Solar Return interpretation is one of the oldest forms of forecasting.

- - - but you can go google it for yourself and find out.  Very interesting stuff thar.

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