Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Outa sorts today

WARNING:  This is gonna be a rambler.  I'm in a mood today.

So today I'm feeling rather melancholy for a few reasons. 

First, it is September 11th and I always stop to reflect on that day in 2001 when I thought my mother was on the 2nd plane to hit the World Trade Center.  She was leaving to go somewhere (forget where) and flying from Boston to New York.  Thank God, she was not on the flight, but it gave me a glimpse into the lives of some of the people who lost their loved ones that day.  I will never forget it; I doubt most Americans ever will (and especially those who either lost people or are from the areas that were directly affected).

Second reason (and this is very small compared to that, but it is a reason nonetheless) is because today marks 1 month since I've seen Mr. Clean.  It has been the same amount of time for his family.   It isn't like I'm not living my life - I am; And I have created some very happy memories this past month.   But still, I think of him and the whole situation and wonder.

So, let's talk now about something completely different.... Light, fluffy, and superficial...

For years, my family has told me what great hair and skin I have (Mashallah).  I've been secretly waiting for both to fail me and this past year, it has started.  Blame hair loss on the water in Kuwait (everybody does and almost everyone I've ever spoken to has had problems with hair loss).  I've been using all kinds of products since I noticed it thinning almost a year ago.  Maybe it is just time; maybe it is to be expected.  I don't like it and I'm fighting back.  I'm so full of hair/nail vitamins that I am probably growing a fur ball the size of Florida - internally.  It does seem to help, though.  And, last winter in the desert, I started to develop some kind of skin allergy on my face.  It's right at my hair line.  It itches like the dickens.  I've been to a few dermatologists here in Kuwait and they are all in love with Futicort ointment and Telfast (antihystamine).  Great.  Fine.  Whatever.  If it has been going on for 8 months, shouldn't it stop?  The rest of my skin is so dry these days that I can't keep enough stuff on it.  People are telling me to try putting yogurt on it.  Hmmm.

Look, I do not want to hear, "Maybe it is time to move out of Kuwait, Desert Girl."  Puhleeze!  I'm sure people in other parts have problems too.  Like flesh eating bacteria or parasites. 

Tony & Guy (pronounced "gee") has a 25KD hair rescue conditioning treatment.  It worked for a few weeks.  I might go back there.  My hair has been like a fricken salad lately; every conceivable type of oil has been on it.

So anyhooo, I have to get working on yet another USG proposal now. Sigh.   Yeah, yeah, Stella, I know.  But it isn't like you're not eating a mango, skinned by some office worker....  giggles.  I'm on it.


American Girl said...

While living in Kuwait my hair would always suffer. It was either oily, dry, or falling out. Yet here in the US I always had thick, full, healthy hair.

Soooo, I tried Shwarzkopf Hair Growth shampoo (though I didn't think it would make a difference) and felt like it worked wonders. In all fairness, I was also taking a daily does of prenatal vitamins (highest level of folic acid available), using Rogaine on my scalp at night before sleep time (washing it out in the morning), having an Indian head massage done twice a week, and getting mesotherapy on my scalp every 2 weeks for 3 months. Not sure if it was the combination of products or just one, but my hair grew about 6 inches in 4 months and was thick! No thin patches at all. I've maintained that level of thickness by using the shampoo and vitamins, so I attribute it to them.

As for the dry skin try the Nimue line. It was the only stuff that made my skin feel hydrated yet natural (not oily or dirty).

However, while you're over there suffering with your hair and skin, look in the mirror. You're sooooo beautiful so don't stress :)

Anonymous said...

No no no not yogurt. Dab on some vinegar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have a thyroid (T3/T4) issue or hormonal issues. This can be diagnosed by a simple blood test. However, most doctors do not test for T3/T4 levels, and I am not sure what types of hormones that have in Kuwait, but that could be a strong reason why you are losing your hair. A simple indication of a thyroid issue is if you have lost one-third of your eye brows. I can provide you a listing a good doctors that test and treat for these issues but they are in Dubai, not in Kuwait.

Desert Girl said...

American Girl - Thank you so much (as always) for the kind compliment. I'm going to take your advice and try all the stuff. I've been taking all kinds of prenatal, nail, hair vitamins. I have Rogaine and some French stuff that the derma gave me (at 30kd/box)! Mesotherapy? What dat? Gotta google now.

Thanks Gail. I'll try that too. Add to my salad! :)

Anonymous 8:21 - I'm actually having a thyroid test done this week. I've got low-level diabetes, but the doctors (4 of them now) have all said that it shouldn't be a problem.

It might also be Lack O'Nookie syndrome!

Thank you all for your advice.

American Girl said...

Mesotherapy is done at Cosmesurge in Royal Hyatt if I'm not mistaken. They shoot thousands of little needles into your scalp while injecting nutrients for your hair root. Sounds like a torturous and painful experience but it feels like a massage and I generally slept through my 30 minute treatments. I also had it done on the face several times and loved the results. But again, I was doing IPL, Fraxel, and Chemical Peels. So not sure which one did the trick.

Anonymous said...

Jarjeer at Bourdior Salon in Surra is supposed to work great at growing new hair!