Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who remembers Kuwait when...

  • Khaleejiya Building was the tallest building downtown
  • THE mall was Laila Gallerie
  • Shawarmas were 250 fils
  • Hungry Bunny and Happy Duck were the best places for fast food
  • Snacks restaurant's servers were all little people (if you can remember Snacks)
  • Guys threw cassette tapes with their phone numbers on them to girls in traffic
  • Friday market was topless (didn't have a roof)
  • The best singles place in town was The Sultan Center, Salmiya, on weekend nights
  • Weekends were Thursday and Friday
  • There was a grounded ship (which was actually a Marriott Hotel) at the end of Gulf Road (where KPC HQ is now)
  • Sheikh Fahad's Lincoln Continental on the Gulf Road across from what is now the aquarium
  • When there was no aquarium 
  • The Drive In movie at 6th Ring Road and 50 (where 360 is now)
  • When Kout Mall was a sand pit next to a harbor for small boats

Got any more?


Anonymous said...

. When there was a tunnel connecting (old salmiya to new salmiya)
. When we use to get mix tapes from Swan lake.
. When ChiChis was a place to take your date.
. When guys use to put fake antennas on their car to show they have a car phone.

Anonymous said...

. When we listened to Stevie B cause he had good beats ( wait i still like Stevie B)
. When we would call a GF house but hang up if the mother or father answered.
. When house parties use to play mostly Hip Hop and girls would start to cry if a slow song came on looooool

TisMe said...

When Shawarmas were 150 fils! "1990s"

Stu said...

- When you could cross Gulf Road and spear an icebox full of crabs and squid at low tide
- When there was no McDonald's and Coca Cola
- When Wimpy was the only fast food joint in Salmiya

Anonymous said...

When Radisson SAS hotel was also part of Palms before Palms was built.
When Entertainment City was soo cool !
When Hunting and Equestrian Club had all the show jumping competitions
When the single Pizza Hut in salmiyah was the best place to dine out
When people used to go to Kuwait towers for lunch
The book store in al Muthena complex did really well and the craze of burkinstock sandals shops beside it
There was no single housing development opposite Abu hasaniya or messila