Monday, September 16, 2013

Dude (The Post About Hatahs and Tomfoolery)

Lovin the hate mail.

Not going to publish it. You're wasting your time.  My blog.  My definition of "hater" or not hater.  The "truth" as you call it may be only your version of reality.  I have my own, thanks.  Call me pathetic and lonely,  but hey- you are the one reading this AND taking the time to comment, so therefore who is pathetic and lonely? ZZZZZZZZ snore.

Unlike some other blogs out there that tolerate tomfoolery, I don't care much about so-called "freedom of speech" here.  Nope.  If I don't like it, I'm going to zap it.  Zap zap.... zap. Buhbyyye.  Every GOOD media outlet in the world has editors.  Not everything makes it onto TV, into a newspaper, onto online stories.  I edit. I don't suffer fools.

Do I seem happier in my posts when I'm receiving male attention?  PHUCK YES.  That's my thing; my shtick; my happy place.  Everybody has their thing. (Some of my friends are into making millions.  I'm happy if a cute guy smiles at me....)   I'm shallow and vapid (you might have to go look up that word, huh?) and not very smart and if something/anything makes me happy, who are you to judge?  I realize that you're probably geniuses and incredibly good looking and have so much going on that you really shouldn't have time (but do) to read blogs like mine that are just so insignificant and small.  Oh yeah - and pathetic.  God bless your hearts.

Whew!  Glad I got that off my vapid-DD-male-attention-craving-chest.... So... onto something completely different....

Boy Updates (go to your Happy Place, Desert Girl....)

The Movie Star called me this weekend:  at 2:15am on Saturday morning.   (I knew he just wasn't into me.)  I sent him a nasty-gram.  "Delete my number.  If you couldn't call me during the past 2 weeks and then you drunk-dial me in the middle of the night, you are just another low-life (expletive).  Go (have intimate relations with) yourself."  Yes, it did feel good.  I think that countering rudeness with vulgarity and obscenities is, in itself by definition,  low-class, but YES felt damn good.  Like Stealth says, "Sometimes guys just don't have anything else going on at the moment, so what might feel like a connection to you is just time-spending to them."  Yup.

What else felt good?  Seeing Desert Guy again - this time as friends-only.  I hadn't seen him since before we closed the camp.  We didn't talk about anything.  Neither of us asked about mutual frienemies. We just enjoyed each other's company and laughed a little.  It was nice.  He looked good.  I have concluded that the guys I'm most likely to form a lasting attraction to are the tall ones with deep voices. He got that.  So does Clean....

Mr. Clean has made up with his family. He just appeared one day; didn't say anything.  Just walked in and said hello.   Dadman didn't want me to know and I think he invited him to lunch (on the day when I usually go for lunch with the family).  (I think he wants us back together.)  Clean didn't show up and I'm glad about that.  I found out during lunch which made me nervous.  I am SO GLAD that his dad is happy again (and glad that the parents are such kind, forgiving people).  Mashallah.  I don't want to be insulting or rude, but I think if Clean walked in, I would walk out.  I've discussed it with them and it is his home - not mine.  I have no right to dictate anything.  I have little right to be there (except that his parents and brothers and sister insist on it every week.)   But I just don't want to be there when he's there.  One of his brothers isn't as forgiving as the parents.  He's more along the lines of me - still feeling hurt and betrayed.  I can't imagine how his brother feels.  He's his brother AND best friend and Clean just dumped him.

Butterfly read my tarot cards back in the days when I first met Clean and it made ZERO sense to me then.  I probably didn't know him well enough.  I just came across my notes from the reading (while I was in a meeting) and it was a revelation.  It was completely accurate.  "Gross immaturity when confronted.  Tricked by fools gold...Infidelity"  Fassscinating.  (I have done several tarot readings since and I'm getting the SAME cards.  Butterfly says that I will keep getting them until I listen.) I think of tarot cards like reading a map:  you just read what you see, as they fall.  Sometimes they are accurate; sometimes they are not; sometimes you don't understand until later.

I haven't been to the desert in 10 days now and I'm not liking it.  I need to go feel some sand.  Connect with the Earth.  One of my friends owns a herd of camels.  I hope we can get there to see them soon. I love camels.  (Can you tell?)  I haven't even been to The Secret Hide Out for the past 10 days.  I've been too busy doing frivolous stuff - like winning contracts, writing new contracts.  (You know, the stuff that I don't write about.)


American Girl said...

Ahh the haters. And yes, they're haters. They can try to justify their negativity by claiming it's an opinion but it's really just haterness. Jealous, bitter, sad people who have nothing going on in their own lives.

Oh, and you referred to yourself as 'shallow' -- gotta disagree. You're the opposite of shallow. You simply want people in your life who are 'real'. Their income, cars, house, etc. doesn't play a role in how you feel about them for the most part.

Rob said...

Gotta feel pity for the haters; something pretty unpleasant must have happened at some point in their lives to make them bitter / angry enough to make the concious effort to try and insult someone.

Expat and the City said...

We have our ways of making the haters disappear. I can't post about it except that after we identify their IP addresses they are never heard from or seen again. ;)

you call me hater said...

I actually like you desert girl , i like to read your blog cause you are courageous and not ashamed to tell whats happening with you and how these guys keeps humiliating and using you , i like you that's why i tell it to you like it is , i don't mean to be rude or hate , i'm really sorry , because i'm not .
please do better and keep your head high

Desert Girl said...

You call me hater:

Em... Ok, it is great that you sit in judgement. I'm wondering what your life is like. Either you are too young to date, a virgin, or you got married in an arrangement. Any way, I doubt you've ever been in the Wonderful World of Dating because you would find that my circumstances are not unlike many other people out there just trying to find the right one.

"Humiliating and using me"? Those sound like degrading/demeaning terms to me - not from someone who "actually likes me."

"Please do better" also sounds judgmental, but perhaps that is just me judging you.

hate NOMOOOO said...

You just judged me and you know NOTHING about me ! i know more more you because i read your blog and you claim that these are real life events happening with you ... i used to date .i wasn't a virgin since 16 (not proud of )and i'm 28 now . but yeah , i'm married to an amazing American man since 4 years , according to my culture i'm a hoe because of the way i chose to live but i still didn't care and i refused to follow their 'how-to-live-your-life book .
i'm Arabic and i know how these guys think , especially Khaligys! maybe 1 % might consider you for real and take you seriously you seem to fail to see that and it feels to me that you refuse to see it .
i wont 'hate' on you anymore , but i'll continue reading your blog in my spare time ,and continue living my life and doing my job next to the U.N forces u know..

Good luck

Desert Girl said...


I've got a lot of years and a lot of mileage on you. I've known "these guys" longer than you've been alive. I'm not quite as naiive as you make me out to be. I just choose to live my life the way I want to.

Great that you are married to someone you care about. Kudos.

If I wanted to get married, I could have chosen to do that too. But I have not met the right one yet and the circumstances are not right for ME. I don't need to justify my choices to you or anyone else.

Perhaps an American man is your taste - not mine. I don't stand in judgement of you - even though I "know those guys" very well too.

I know most people well enough to know that there are good and bad people in every culture/nationality/race.

So rather than continue this string of correspondence with you - now that it feels like it is getting racial - I am bowing out.

Expat and the City said...

@ You call me hater:

I'm going to jump in here because you know Desert Girl the blogger which is only her humorous sometimes humanitarian blog posts. You’re forming your opinion on what she allows us to read about her personal life. To me she is more like the Bridget Jones of Kuwait and that is why her blog is the #1 and oldest American blog here.

In real life DG is well-known and highly respected in Kuwait. She is a lady that knows what she wants and refuses to settle for less. The love of her life, the man she was supposed to marry left this earth at a very young age due to a tragedy. That would have broken most of us but she prevailed and involves herself with numerous Kuwait causes / charities. Most American women have the luxury to do what they want when the want without the fear of punishment or judgment for simply glancing at a man.

DG, I for one hope you continue to bless our lives with your romantic adventures of living the good life in Kuwait. We love you! xx

Desert Girl said...


You have been such a dear friend and supporter for so many years - even if I only know you virtually.

THANK YOU for always saying the right thing at the right time. That was so kind of you - and kind of you to remember Shamlan. He's been "around" me a lot lately. Maybe all else just isn't meant to be. :)

American Girl said...

@ hate NOMOOOO,

I would venture to say you're probably from Iraq, got a decent little job working as a Linguist when the money was still good, latched onto the first blue passport that would give you any attention, and probably even have children from a previous marriage. Not that there's anything wrong with any of that, but it certainly seems like enough to keep you busy. Where do you find the time to obsess over blogs and write such lengthy hateful comments?

However, I can certainly see where your jealousy (yeah, it's that obvious) comes from. DG is an intelligent professional woman. She makes a different in the community and lives of others. She is respected by everyone who knows her and her decisions are admired. Many of us have sought her advice over the years and will continue to do so. Not sure if anyone has ever been able to say similar things about you, but based on your nastiness, I'm guessing NOT.

Instead of allowing your jealousy to overcome you, why not try following in DGs footsteps? Certainly couldn't hurt.

Desert Girl said...

AG and Expat: Thanks both of you. I must have missed this, but I think Ms. Thang also left me this nasty piece of work:
Telling me to specifically check item #6. LOL.

It sounds like it was written by someone who 1) hates where they are from 2) hates Westerners 3) is indeed in her 20's. Grow the F up.