Sunday, September 08, 2013

Another weekend as a single girl

.... and they are doing a whole lot better than when I was WITH someone.  Dayum.

Mr. Clean lives 5 minutes from my house.  He had a very hard time taking me to do things.  It was a major effort.  He's so busy, got such a busy lifestyle.  Busy busy busy.  Do I have to beg to go stroll around Mubarakia or the Avenues?  Hey, let's go out for dinner... ice cream.... shawarma....  RRRRR. 

It is unfortunate that I own The World's Most Comfortable Sofa.  It has been verified.  Relationshit dudes sit on it, checking their mobile phones constantly for "oh so important" chat messages (most often/likely from BIMBOS) INSTEAD OF TAKING ME OUT.  I think I'm going to invest in a cell phone jammer.... (I love my sofa too much to get rid of.  Not gonna happen.)

... and  PHUCK cell phones!  Do you know that some families here are placing baskets in the room so that when people (relatives) walk in, they have to put their phones in and spend QUALITY time with the family?  It has come to that.  Clean's father takes all the cell phones away.  So far, I've been immune, but I can see his looks, so I don't play with my phone at all.

Ok.... but on the flip side... technology....  And getting back to my 2nd paragraph above....

I met someone online a while ago (after the Clean break up). (Did you know that almost 50% of relationships in the US start online?)   Nice guy.  Geographically undesirable (in Riyadh), but nice to talk to. Yesterday, he drove 7 hours through a sandstorm to TAKE ME TO DINNER.  Oh.My.God.  It's not like he's not busy (he works on architectural projects for the Saudi Government).  It's not like he can just pick up and go. He put some planning and thought into it.  And for what?  Dinner.  That's it.  What a nice thing to do.  God sends you angels when you least expect it.  (And speaking of expectations, I have none, but it was such an incredibly nice gesture that he gets major brownie points!!!)  ...He also didn't check his cell phone the entire time we were at dinner.  THANK YOU.

And speaking of bygone expectations:  Movie Star never called back after the day on the water.  I'm sorry, but when a girl is all wet .... in a bathing suit....   pressed up against you for (how many) hours, you would think that there would be a little follow-UP (get it?).  But hey... whatever.  I sent a few messages and called and that's all I'm doing.  Maybe he's gay.  That's fine.  I don't judge.  It was a faaaaaaaaaaabulous day and I will remember it.  It was a gift.

This past week, I got a message (through Facebook) from a man who had gone above-and-beyond in helping me lease an Envoy.  This happened about 5 years ago.  He ran around with me, helped me with paperwork, and was even there when they delivered the car to me.  Super, super nice.  I couldn't believe that he was doing all that for me.  I never asked his last name.  I thought he might be bidoon and might need some financial help from it and I was planning to help him out.  I just didn't know.  Then,  I changed cell phones (PHUCK cell phones!) right after and lost his number. He changed jobs and wasn't at the place he had been.  We lost touch.    So, after all this time, he saw my name on Facebook and re-connected.  It turns out that he's from a wealthy family from one of the wealthiest areas in Kuwait.  Not that it matters (and I probably shouldn't even be posting about it since it's like that), but he was just doing it out of the kindness of his heart:  He saw that I needed help as a foreigner and he just did everything and everything he could to help me.  People like that exist.  And.... he asked me to dinner (I have GOT to stop eating so much.  Salads, Desert Girl, salads!  For the Love of God - salads!)

You know - I'm really really blessed, Mashallah.  Sometimes I get depressed about stupid stuff and I forget for a while.  But God loves me.  When bad things happen, it is because God loves you.  It is happening for a reason.

I am still grieving over Clean.  I have to be honest.  It isn't like we broke up:  I feel, at a very base level,  that he is dead.  The person that I knew died.  He's not there anymore.  I grieve for that person.  Like a widow, it is going to take me some time to fully recover.  I'm keeping busy.  (Sadly, as I am a recent widow, no one has sent over casseroles or flowers.... just sayin'.  Your friends should be there in your hour of need, right?  Where the HELL are you people with the casseroles and flowers???)


Masoud said...

oh .. why you say you are feeling better only when some men shows you attention?
by reading some of your blog i noticed this . not bashing you here , just saying whats so obvious .have a nice day

Desert Girl said...

Masoud -

Because a companion is the only thing thats lacking in my life - and it is not a NEED but a WANT. I have everything I need (Mashallah). Now I would like to have someone to share it with. God says that everyone should have a mate, no?

Good health. Got it. Mashallah.
Great family. Got several. Mashallah.
Great job. Got it. Mashallah.
Money. Got it. Mashallah.
Home. Got it. Mashallah.
Everything I need. Got it. Mashallah.
Toys. Got it. Mashallah.

The Kuwaiti Godfather said...

Everyone deserves to have their soul mate DG. The problem though is being patient is eating us up. We don't live on this Earth forever and we want them now to share every bit and moment. I am in the same boat looking for the one meant for me. I wish you good luck in finding your mate.