Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kuwait: Where to go to get your bush removed

Kuwait's bushes have been pruned.
Kuwait has gone bushless.
Kuwait:  No bush.
Trim your bush in Kuwait.
Whack that bush in Kuwait!

Ok... I'm on a roll, baby.  They're uprooting all the bush in Kuwait.  This sucks.


(I have yet to post a picture post-bush, post-plastic grass implementation.  Will do that later. This photo was taken the same day - driving along different parts of the Gulf Road.  The bushes on the left have already been removed.)


How many cars wreck on the Gulf Road and hit the median at high speeds?
How many bushes does it take to slow a speeding car before the wreck?
How many cars are going to wreck onto the new rocks?
How many rocks will be churned up by speeding cars before the wreck?
How many people will be injured by high-speed rocks?

I HATE the corruption in Kuwait!  Several years ago, someone decided it would be a faaaabulous idea to plant fake, illuminated/multi-colored palm trees around Kuwait.  Where are they now?

Desert Girl Prediction:
Let me just take a leap and say that in 3 years, someone is going to be planting real grass and bushes again.


Anonymous said...

"where to go to get your bush removed" hahahahaha if i was reading this in the states or didnt see the pictures my mind would go to a complete different place ...hahaha love the sarcastic humor again

Anonymous said...

Kuwaiti banker:

The officials in the government body who ordered this contract are defending themselves against accusations that they deliberatly ordered the rocks to make it available to the future protestors to fight back the riot police .
So i think they will pour white cement on it to make sure that protestors can not just pick it up and throw it , this contract is getting a life ot its own

Desert Girl said...

Kuwaiti Banker: THAT THAR comment is hilarious!!! I love it.

I think this contract already has a life of its own. :)

Desert Girl said...

Are the rocks going to be placed in front of the Parliament building???? oooooooooh - REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They removed all the bushes to install a new sprinkler watering system. It looked perfectly fine to me before but's Kuwait. Admittedly the new grass is lush and green where it's taken root. I suspect flowers along the border are next on the agenda as they've done before at this time of year. I did like the undulating bushes. Someone had done a great job sculpting them. PS Has anyone noticed that they are sculpting bushes in other neighbourhoods of Kuwait to look like the bauble bushes in