Monday, September 02, 2013

Sunset from the Water

I had the best first date EVER.

I met him when I was at my worst.  Mr. Clean and I had just had a heart-wrenching phone call that left me in the fetal position on my bed for several hours, staring into the wall and wondering how I had ALLOWED myself to get to that point.  I decided I needed to get up and do something/anything to get me out of the coma I was settling into, so went for a drive.  My eyes were puffy and red from crying. My face wasn't much better and my hair was in pretty bad shape.

I drove for about an hour and was headed home.  He ("Movie Star")  was next to me in his car, smiling and waving me over.  He had such a sweet look on his face and after a mile or so of letting him follow me, I decided to pull into a parking lot. I was really not expecting much to come of it.  I thought he was too young (I was wrong); too movie-star-handsome; too something for me.

We ended up talking in our cars from the windows for a little over an hour.  About everything.  It was so refreshing.  I looked like crap and here this beautiful man was giving me compliments like I had just walked down the red carpet.  (Ok well, taken with a grain of salt as you have to be weary of free compliments when someone is trying to know you.)  Regardless, A few kind words that night, however, went a long way.

We talked later on the phone, but we didn't make any plans.  (Let it happen.)

A few days later, my Saturday plans fell through with my friends.  He called and told me that his jet ski was still loaded on the trailer on his car and would I like to go out.  I drove down to Khiran and met him.

It is one thing to talk to a gorgeous man that you just met;  It is quite another to be completely wet and wrapped around him in a bathing suit on a jet ski.  He took me out to a little sand bar and we spent the day in the water talking.  It was a perfect day. Not too hot, not too humid.  The sky and the water was clear.  There were a lot of other small boats and jet skis there, but we were alone in our little world.

When the sun got low in the sky, we took a tour along the coast, admiring the architecture (and not admiring others); and going in and out of the waterways in Khiran (which is actually against the law).  The sun was setting and we stayed on another little beach until we finally (get this cliche....) rode off into the sunset.

It was - by far - the most romantic first date I've ever had.  I wish I had had a camera.  It was all so amazingly, breathtakingly beautiful.

No expectations.  (I haven't received those, "Omahgawd he is sooooo into you" vibes, unfortunately.  Let it happen?)   Just an amazing day that I'll never forget.


Anonymous said...

Those curl-ip-in-the-fetal-position break-ups are the WORST, Desert Girl, and I am glad you found a happy distraction :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi,Im glad you're over clean guy " who doesn't sound clean at all".

You really deserve better.Anyway, I've came across this post and thought you might find it helpful "especially the point 6 of the post"

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 2:53 - How self-righteous and blatantly INCORRECT. For the many women of Western culture who have married, had children with, and integrated into ARAB society, I say - GET OVER YOURSELF. IT HAPPENS. And OFTEN.