Sunday, July 04, 2010

Today's stupid headlines

Arab Time Local Section Today

"Pesterer Sought...."

"Mischief-Monger Hunted...."

WTF.  No wonder my vocabulary is going to hell.  I think I am going to start referring to myself as "Mischief Monger".  I like that one.  'Hel-lo, my name is Desert Girl, Mischief-Monger and demi-Godess"  (you have to do it with an accent and a head bob).

So I made the appointment with T&G for 3:00 pm on July (a week from now - no specific date just incase I have stalkers - AS IF!).  Same day I called, girl calls me back at 3:30 pm, "Miss Desert Girl, why didn't you come in for your 3:00 appointment?"  Uh oh....  Hope they're more professional with the hair.

I had a rather uneventful weekend.  I took Butterfly and Wife-of-Petard (gotta think of a better nickname for her) to Sakura and Mubarakia.  I think Butterfly is shell-shocked.  She hasn't been here very long and she's still in that "Holy shit - what the Hell have I done???" frame of mind.  Ok girl, when I got here, there were very few Westerners here; I had no girlfriends to call; and  I was stuck in a downtown hotel where there were no women and lots of creepy men, on the 17th floor, woken by the sounds of roosters crowing on a nearby balcony.  I freaked out.  You can do it - baby steps.

Anyhoo, I think/hope they both liked Mubarakia.  I had fun just seeing their reactions.  Tee hee.


Anonymous said...

I think you go through stages when you're an expat & you move here:

1) Holy Shit, WTF have I got myself into
2) I'm going to scream if I hear the Call to Prayer at 3:45am again.
2) This culture seems so wrong
3) Okay, this culture isn't that bad, just different from mine/acceptance
4) You can now sleep through the Call to Prayer at 3:45am
5) Anger
6) Acceptance

At least that is what I went through. It is enjoyable to see new expats & there reaction. Sometimes it's like seeing Santa at Christmas time :)

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 3:33 - I think you've got it right, but you must be a man because you don't have the crying part in there.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a girl and I thought really hard, but I haven't cried about being over here...yet and we're going on a year AND I'm a crier.

I did have a 'bad' day the other day though & I decided that 'Apathy' needed to be added to the list.

I'm pregnant, didn't sleep well at all & had some crazy contractions all night, so I had the emotional maturity of a 5th grader. ha! I decided I didn't care and went outside in a tank top (yep white girl baring her shoulders). I'm sure I was getting stared at, but I didn't notice.

I slept much better the next night and my respectful attire went back on when I went out :)

Butterfly on the Wall said...

LOL! I was just thinking yesterday... WTF have I gotten myself into??? What the hell does settled here mean anyway? Everyone I talk says or has said, "Let's get coffee or call me when your settled." They should be saying... "I'm just checking on your shock level or put down that knife... Wanna get out today?" I'm bouncing from Acceptance to Anger to Crying to thinking of buying a ticket home, to Anger to Crying to Acceptance.

I'm so glad I know you DG! You are the sun in my smile. I really enjoyed Mubarakia. Hope I didn't embarrass you with my touristy head spins and awestruck gestures. LOL

Anonymous said...

Butterfly on the Wall - Someone told me to give it 6 months and it will get better. He's lived all over the world & in different cultures and he was 6 months I was pretty much okay. I've had my days (see above comment) but for the most part it's okay.

As for being 'settled', I don't think you ever do. This is just a short term journey for us, so I just try to enjoy what is here now, but I know it won't be permanent.

I do however invest my time in the expats that are here who have positive attitudes about being here (though the occasional 'this place sucks' days are okay to have, we all have them). Lots of coffee & lots of shopping! It makes my days go fast, my experience better & some of the people I've met will be lifelong friends. Enjoy the experience, enjoy the culture & the head spins will get less & less...though sometimes they are just unavoidable :)