Monday, July 12, 2010

The Tony & Guy Review

I went to T&G Corniche this weekend with Slapperella who was supposedly just along for the ride, but then ended up getting her hair cut and it came out gorgeous.

It is a real salon - quality everything - the 5-star type you would find in major cities anywhere in the world.  I've been to many salons here who try to come close (with the same prices), but eh - not quite.  T&G is black marble, black furnishings, AND they have  massage shampoo chairs!!  Woooo hoooo!  No more backaches at Strands: "Oh, can I give you a pillow for your back?" Not that it would make a difference in those horrible chairs because the sinks are uncomfortable too.  When you have your head in a sink in a prone position for 10 to 15 minutes, you don't want to feel like you are on a torture device; The RACK.  It's supposed to be relaaaaaaaaxing.

Anyhoo, blond chicks - rest assured - it is a great place to get your highlights done.  My friend, Lawyer Girl, just went there and she liked it too.  I went to Emma who specializes in color and she used a non-amonia bleach.  My hair is feeling ok.  (We'll see how it goes after about a month.)  It isn't as light as I wanted to go, but she did a lot of damage control, so I can't really say anything now.  She also put a toner on which will wash out eventually.

I was talked into a haircut by their senior stlist, Jenna.  I still don't think a haircut for 23-29 KD is worth it and I hope that I won't let them talk me into it again (suckaaaa!). I felt like the cut/product push was too hard-sell and I wasn't comfortable with it.  Ok if I was having something technical done, ok, but nah - mine is not all that and I'm preferring it a bit on the wild side these days (especially in the humidity).  Doree at Pineapple is still my fav for cuts for less than half the price.

They gave me a 20% discount (offer on through the end of July) and cut, color, and blow dry was 69 KD complete. You also get a loyalty card.  (Hel-loooooo other salons - get with the program; after 4+ years with Strands, a single free cut or treatment would have been a nice treat.)   We were there for 3 and a half hours.  Very nice people:  Very funny and friendly.  Great service.  I will definately go there again for the color.

NOTE:  T&G Shaab and T&G Corniche Club are both franchises of T&G in London; however, like any franchise, quality may vary depending on the individual franchise owners and how well the corporate office enforces their standards.


Butterfly on the Wall said...

I can't wait to see your hair! Slapperella's too! It's good that Emma went easy on the lifting. Tell tale sign of a professional, when dealing with damaged hair.

I know it might seem pushy of them to encourage a haircut, but it really should be done after a chemical. As for the price of the haircut, I charge $75 in the States. So, if you got a Senior stylist here for 23-29 KD that's not a bad deal... IF it's a technical cut and it better be a bad ass, diva, red carpet style.

I'm glad it was an overall good experience for you!

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Butterfly - it isn't terribly different, but thats a good thing.

Kuwait: Land of no minimum wage. Lots of stuff I can see paying more for other places, but nah - not gonna do it here. Plus, I asked her to do a slice and she didn't quite get it. I haven't been able to find anyone to do it that way in years. Nope, what I got for 23-ish I usually get for 8-14 other places.

It was good overall. I was so damn sleepy (kept falling asleep in the chair) that Slaps had to figure out the tip for me. I was out of it! :)

Reem Alhasawi said...

I know you posted this a long time ago.. i was searching for reviews on T&G cause im thinking of getting my hair coloured and im seriously scared of getting my hair fried but i really want a change. So im doing my research.

This review made me feel better about going to T&G to get my hair done. So, i was just wondering do you still go there? and if you do is it still good ?