Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Harassing Kuwaiti Police Women

This is from Jewaira's blog.  I saw some of the Kuwaiti police women strolling around Souq Sharq (which I find to be quiet a respectable mall since all the hoodlems have moved on to Marina and Avenues).    You go, girls!

"Harassing Kuwaiti Police Women Posted by jewaira

According to Al-Anba newspaper, certain commercial complexes were selected after studying the situations and the need, stating that female shoppers felt more comfortable approaching a policewoman to complain or seek assistance.

Recently some youths were arrested for harassment:

Policewomen harassed: Police have arrested 11 Kuwaiti youths for harassing female police officers who were on duty in commercial complexes, reports Al-Anba daily.

The youths have been referred to the Criminal Investigation Department. It has been reported the police women were on duty at the commercial malls for the first time.

A strong warning was issued by the Ministry of Interior towards those who sexually harassed or who verbally abused policewoman while on duty in commercial complexes. Those participating in harassment or abuse of policewoman on duty would be arrested and depending on the severity have their heads shaved or more. A strong warning was also issued at expatriates, a number of whom were involved in harassment of policewoman on duty and consequently arrested. Offending expatriates can be deported by the Ministry of Interior."

My comment was "shoot them in the nuts".  But that's just me.


Anonymous said...

It's good to know the women went through training and they end up in the malls protectibg their favorite place lol While they patrol they can make of list of what they want to buy when they get paid while getting their hair and nails done. Although they allow them to be officers they are still limiting their abilities.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 12:30

Who YOU? Sexist?

They limit the male officers' abilities also. They can't carry guns nor really enforce laws.

AndyQ8 said...

It's great to see them out there.

I like the line about expat offenders being deported. So what will they do with the other 90% of offenders?!