Monday, July 12, 2010

Long Weekend Roundup

As always, never a dull moment (suuuure).

I had a great weekend (hope you did too).  Despite the horrible humidity we are having, I have still managed to go out and enjoy stuff.

I went to Muhallab at The Palms - which is my new favorite seafood restaurant in Kuwait - with Butterfly & hubby, LOLgirl (which is short for Lady of Leisure but could also be Laughing out Loud because she just plain cracks me up - I thought it was more fitting than Wife of ...), and Slapperella.  The Romanian was supposed to come too, but she has the patience of a gnat and we were late and she didn't wait; turned around and went home.  Yes, it is her way and I can either be tolerant or not be her friend and I choose to be tolerant.  Bygones.  Anyhoo, the lunch was fun, the food was great, and I can't remember when I  have laughed so hard  (thanks LOLgirl).  I felt kinda bad for Butterfly's hubby being the only guy, but he was good about the whole thing.  It degraded into a converstion on Tampax at one point and he didn't even flinch - now that THAR is the test of a REAL man!  (It was further noted that he opens car doors for his wife; major kudos.  Who does that anymore - even on a date? Props.)

We went back to my place for coffee and Desert Dawg was all over Butterfly hubby.  OMG she's such a flirt.  I know she can't help it because she's Egyptian and all that, but it is embarrassing when your dog completely disregards all the women in the room and then places herself in the lap of the only man.  I just don't know where she gets it!  Tee hee.

Had lunch with Slaps at Le Notre seaside where the food is great but the service is crap.  I've never understood why that place has it all but maintains cheap, rude staff.  I saw our company's top guy having lunch with friends and his sexy cousin who I have been meaning to have coffee with, but reluctant because he's our CEO's cousin and also because he seems a little cerebral for me.  I'm afraid I may offend him (potentially with my use of the adverbial F bomb).

Slaps and I went to Tony & Guy (see review post below).  She set out just to go with me and check the place out, but then ended up staying with me for the whole 3.5 hours and having her hair done (which looks faaaaabulous).  I like going to salons with girlfriends.  Its fun.  You can usually trash them (et vice versa) in front of the stylists and everybody has a good hardy laugh. 

I went to dinner at The Meat Co. with the Romanian. We complained several times about the sappy music they played:  romantic lovesongs of the 1970's (the usual Filipino mixes).  One of the managers lamented that he would really like to get South African jazz (since it is a SA chain).  I downloaded a bunch of music and brought him over a few CDs from Amazon and since, they've been playing my mix which I think is pretty cool.  This weekend when we went, they were playing the sappy stuff again!  RRRRR.  They said that 2 women had complained about the African music.  Dudes!  Stand up for your country!  Seriously, I don't want to pay upwards of 30KD for a meal and listen to David Soul's (Hutch from the original 70's version of Starsky & Hutch) "Don't Give up on us Baby".  Ick!  Music to commit suicide to....  I want to shoot myself just thinking of it.  How is it that so many Filipinos are still alive?  They must be heartbroken 24/7.  How can they listen to all that sappy romantic lovesick shit and not just jump off a bridge?  Ok so anyhow, I love the Meat Company and I have done my best to put an end to the senseless suicide by 70's artists.  If the God-awful music continues, I'm going back to Gaucho and their itchy cowhide seats.

While we were exiting 360, I met a man who has eyes like Shamlan and looks which are similar.  I couldn't help but smiling at him.   He talked to me for a minute and later told me that a Kuwaiti girl saw us talking (I saw her staring) and she had asked him why he chose to speak to a foreigner when there are plenty of beautiful Kuwaiti women like her around.  Yeah, why is that?  I walk up to strange men all the time and ask them why they didn't pick me (NOT!).  "Pick me!  Pick me!  What's wrong with me?  Why don't you want me?"  Yeah, sure.  Not desperate or needy at all.

So yesterday afternoon the mini-Mans came over (The Man's kids).  I love them.  They are so sweet and well-mannered (I'm trying to corrupt them).  They're just so nice.  The great thing about not having your own kids is the ability to borrow and corrupt your friends'.  Love that.  These kids are so great that I want to keep them.  Wow... if only we could have met like this 5 years ago.  Life is so strange.  I could have lived on a set of "Big Love".

I went to visit some friends at their chalet that I haven't seen in a really really really long time.  There weren't many people there; just the peeps I know from way back plus a few more. There was a Kuwaiti guy there... I am still getting hot flashes when I think of him... (heart going pitty patter...) this guy... this guy... he was the BEST dancer that I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life. Let me just believe that it was all for me. He had talent; he had moves; boy had skills. I mean, if I had paid someone (male) from a strip club to come dance for a few hours, there would be no way they could be better than this guy. Ho-ly-snap! I wish there had been a pole in the room (they usually party at a villa where they DO dance on a pole!!! OMG OMG OMG) I couldn't stop staring. I'm getting palpitations right now just thinking of him. I thought he was interested - he came over and talked to me for a while, back to dancing, and then brought me over some chocolates, and back to dancing, and then ..... left. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Heartbreak. That's ok. I got his number through our friends later. That there was too good to let pass by.  Dude is burned into my mind and I couldn't sleep.  It was THAT good.   I never could never really understand/empathize with several of my guy friends who married strippers (one is Kuwaiti BTW), but NOW.... I wouldn't think twice.  DAYAM!

So that was my magical fantabulous weekend.  Whatjado?


Stan said...

Hmm honestly a very long boring weekend, didn't want to go out in the humidity itself( And no, its not like i would have done anything great even if the climate was good outside , hehehe )

Couple of families came home, had lunch and went.

Did anyone watch Blood and Bones ?? What an awesome action flick, just too good !!!.

Expat and the City said...

Woo hoo, sounds like a fun weekend. I hope your eye is much better.