Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The American Business Council has a magazine, The Correspondent.  It is issued quarterly and they are looking for writers.  You won't get paid, but it is an opportunity for all you narcisists to see your name in print (make yo mama proud!) and it looks good on a resume.  The mag has a good distribution base and well, just damn sexy formatting.

"Correspondent Magazine (Summer 2010 issue) in the form of ads and articles.

The Deadline to submit any articles or advertisements would be Monday, July 26h, 2010.

Interviews - we will send you 7 or 8 questions to be answered, let us know if you are interested, 2 pages with pictures

Volunteer section - tell us about any reputable volunteer organization in Kuwait (one to 2 pages, complete with pictures, ie: Girl Scouts)

Americana section - one or 2 pages in pictures, short essay about your area of the USA (poetry also accepted)..

Kuwait section - some significant area, building, or ministry in Kuwait - one or 2 pages with pictures

Travel section - anywhere in the world - one or 2 pages complete with pictures

Special Events - any special event in your business and//or organization - one or 2 pages complete with pictures

Special Features - law, education, health, etc - one or 2 pages, complete with pictures

Note: Articles will be free of charge (no payment to authors).

We'll be distributing it to a wide range of readers which would include Ministries, Kwt Oil companies, Embassies, Banks, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, US companies, Kuwaiti Companies, etc.

Thank you in advance for your support.
American Business Council – Kuwait
Website: "

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