Monday, July 26, 2010

Justice for Woman Tortured and Murdered in Kuwait

These stories always make me sick, but it is even worse when things happen and then the criminals aren't punished.  I hope the Kuwaiti authorities will treat her with the same dignity and respect they would give had she been a female Kuwaiti citizen, tortured, and then murdered by running over her with a car, and dumped in Kabd.  Well, that is already untrue because had she been Kuwaitia, it would be all over the news and people would be furious.

Join this group on Facebook in support of justice:  Justice for Asria Samad Abdul (OFW murdered in Kuwait).

Equal justice under the law!

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This sent by a reader:

"Recently, the Kuwaiti Appeals Court reduced the sentence of a Kuwaiti woman who beat her Asian maid to death from 15 to 7 years. The woman beat her maid with wooden and iron objects and then dumped her in a bathtub where she suffered for 10 hours until dying, yet the Appeals Court reduced the woman’s charge to merely “beating that led to death”."


Beetle Juice said...

This is plain sad. All the rules and regulations are only meant to be followed by expats DesertGirl.

Just because the lady who died wasnt a local but a maid doesnt change the fact that she was tortured and murdered.

The Madame who did so surely has some psychological issues cause this is the kind of stuff mentally retarded people do.

If she does get only 7 years and not life in prison, it just goes to show that we arent safe at all here and practically anyone can do anything with us and get away with it as well.

NicoleB said...

I guess that falls under the same idea as something written in the Arab Times today: Foreign visitors have to respect the local customs, they are only guests here. If Kuwaiti citizens are treated different, then that;s just the way it is.
I wonder how the outrage would go, if someone in Germany (or anywhere else on the Globe) would get the better of a Kuwaiti or Arab citizen.
I guess that would be racism and whatnot.

........... :(

Anonymous said...

On Nicole B's comment: I am hoping for the day Kuwait would be true to their word and actually treat workers here as their country's "Guests".