Monday, July 26, 2010

Article on Freedom of Speech in Kuwait

Interesting article on dwindling freedom of speech in Kuwait.

Operation Roll Back Kuwaiti Freedom

This wealthy Gulf monarchy used to be a bright spot for freedom of speech in the Middle East. No longer.

Foreign Policy (online)
JULY 21, 2010
"In a region where reprisals against journalists who fail to toe the government line may include imprisonment and torture, Kuwait has been a welcome exception. The country consistently ranks as having the freest media in the Arab world, in both Reporters Without Borders' and Freedom House's indices of press freedom. With a population of only around 3 million, it has more than 15 daily newspapers that publish editorials and columns from local politicians, activists, academics, and analysts. But Kuwait's relatively liberal media and public dialogue is just that: relative. It's also in decline.
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Thanks Ahmed El Adly via Ziad Al-Duaij.  Freedom to express...

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unforgivable sinner said...

i can surely tell you that things going on here are just deteriorating to the worse.. -.-" sheesh