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Missing Kuwaiti Girl in US (Updated 22 July)

The Arab Times has a story on this today, but the writing is so F-ed up that it is impossible to understand it.

Missing Kuwaiti Girl May Be in North Platte
Posted: July 15, 2010 09:28 PM

The following is a press release from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department:

Florida authorities alerted the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office this morning of a missing teen that they believe may be in North Platte. Fifteen year old female Kuwait citizen Eman Mohammad Alsayegh and her family were vacationing in Kissimmee, Florida (Disney/Epcot) when Eman was left alone at the house where they were staying. Upon her family's return, Eman was missing.

Kissimmee Law Enforcement Officials tracked Eman to a local bus station where she boarded a bus (wheeeeee!  Kuwaitiaaa?  On a BUS?!)  for Omaha, Nebraska and requested a ticket to North Platte. She told bus terminal employees that she has family in North Platte and the family says they have no family or friends in the United States. Law Enforcement believes that Eman may have met someone on the internet and is headed to North Platte for a meeting. Eman speaks very good English but has an accent.

Eman Mohammed Alsayegh is 5'4" tall, has short black hair and brown eyes. Her weight and last known clothing are unknown at this time. Any leads may be reported to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office or by calling 911.

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Her poor parents must be out of their minds with worry.  I hope that they find her soon and that she's ok.  At 15, you think you know everything; yet there are so many bad people out there.  It is bad enough when a child goes missing at home, but even worse in a foreign country.  Sad.


Kuwati girl found in McCook

15-year-old Eman Mohammed Alsayegh from Kuwait was found living in McCook with a 16-year-old boy and his mother. The girl had been missing for over a week.

By Diane Wetzel
Published: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:10 PM CDT
A teenage girl missing for more than a week has been found safe and unharmed.

Eman Mohammed Alsayegh, 15, was located in McCook on Tuesday evening, according to the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office. According to Deputy Sheriff Dean Sparks, the girl was living with a 16-year old boy and his mother in McCook.

“She’s a very lucky young lady,” Sparks said. “Our concern from the get-go was that we were looking at a sexual predator, which unfortunately is a very common thing.”

The Osceola County Florida Sheriffs Office had contacted the LCSO for assistance, after Alsayegh, who was vacationing with her family in Kissimmee, Fla., at the time of her disappearance was tracked to a bus station where she purchased a ticket to Omaha and requested a transfer to North Platte. Employees at the bus station told investigators that Alsayegh said she had family in North Platte. Her family told authorities that they have no family or friends anywhere in the United States.

An investigation by the LCSO in cooperation with the Kuwait Embassy in Washington, D.C., discovered leads to the missing girl’s location in Omaha and McCook.

“The cooperation from the Kuwait government on down has just been tremendous,” Sparks said. “That type of cooperation is what helps agencies bring these types of things to a successful conclusion and we are very grateful.”

Alsayegh met the young man in an Internet chat room, Sparks said, and the relationship progressed to personal e-mails and telephone calls. Riding a bus from Florida to Omaha, Alsayegh had made arrangements with the boy to pick her up in Omaha. She had been staying in McCook for about a week when a family relative of the boy saw a missing person flyer with her photo and notified the family, who then called the McCook PD.

Officers from Red Willow County Sheriffs Office delivered Alsayegh to a secure juvenile holding facility where she is waiting to be reunited with her mother and siblings, Sparks said.

LCSO Sheriff Jerome Kramer expressed thanks that the missing person case ended well.

“We are all lucky that she was not enticed to Nebraska by a child predator,” Kramer said in a press release issued by the LCSO on Wednesday. “This incident appears to be relatively innocent and the young girl will be returned to her family as soon as possible.”

The LCSO had been working closely with the North Platte office of the FBI, the Omaha Police Department and had contacted the McCook Police Department for assistance. “Young adults and parents must exercise extreme caution when communication on the Internet,” Kramer said. “They should refrain from talking to strangers. You never know where the World Wide Web will take you or who it will hook you up with.”

--- end ---
Mabrook to the family


Anonymous said...

Its true that Arab Times has the story, but what you have missed is the source of story where Arab Times got it from. Its easy to blame someone.

Desert Girl said...

Yeah- that's why most newspapers/magazines employ editors and fact checkers; they just don't re-print trash.