Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thunder/lightening Storm on a Full Moon

Last night was really special.  I love thunder/lightening storms.  They make me laugh.  Always have.  Don't know why. Mark has a video posted aobut it.  I didnt' think it was that thrilling to re-post, but you can check yourself for Kuwait thunderstorm May 2011.  There are a few (not very thrilling) clips out there.

I have never seen so much lightening in Kuwait since I have been here (96).  It was awesome.  Scared the bejezus out of poor little Desert Dawg.  She ended up blowing chunks all over my white wool shag carpet.  Not nice.

Mark sayeth:

Update: Here are the stats from tonight’s storm according to KuwaitStorm
Today’s Strikes
Current “7:18PM” strike-rate 57/minute
Peak strike-rate 511/minute
Total recorded strikes 39617
I have told a few people lately that God would strike them. Maybe He was looking.... just sayin.

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Dave said...

Yeah I accidentally drove off a 15ft cliff this morning at 430am in the sandstorm really sucked I still don't how I made it out alive. Btw put a sign saying deadend or something!