Saturday, May 07, 2011


I got sick last night.  Really sick. The Ugly Sick. With crying.  Stealth stayed next to me all night and even held my hair.  What guy does that? I think the Universe got me sick on purpose and revealed how much he cares about me.  Dude has seen me at my ab-so-lute worst and was so sweet and compassionate about it (even though he wasn't feeling so great himself).

It is kind of driving me nuts that he can't verbalize how he feels, but then again, recent history has shown that a bunch of nicely-strung-together words doesn't amount to a hill of beans when there are no actions behind them.  (Show me the justification.)  And, the longer Stealth prolongs things, the more interested I get.  (Typical Aries.  We love a challenge.)

Thursday night we stayed awake until 6 am - talking all night again.  I can't get enough of his voice and apparently, ditto on his part.  I can't even remember what the hell we talk about, but we're laughing and carrying on like a couple of teenagers.  This is so cool.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm, so that's what has been going on. Nice to know

American Girl said...

I feel like I'm watching a really fantastic mini-series and can't wait till the next episode.

Oh, and you're sooooo right about those words meaning nothing. The actions scream volumes -- and holding your hair while you're sick? Too sweet... I likey!

Anonymous said...

seems like Desert girl is in love.

Desert Girl said...

I couldn't write about personal stuff/emotions for a long time because The Man and some family members found the blog. It was really frustrating not to be able to pour it all out (after all - this is ultimately about therapy for me). I feel like I'm free again and can write whatever I want. Its nice. :)