Monday, May 09, 2011

Old Yeller Puppy wants a home

Beautiful Black Mouth Cur Puppy (famous Disney's movie" Old Yeller") is growing quickly and healthy. She ("Stella" - but not my friend, Stella)  has been to the vet and had her vaccinations.  She is likely just over 4 months old. She is fun loving and enjoys her walks. She is adorable, sweet dog, but my cats and rabbit in constant conflict with her so much that I have to give Stella away. We got her about 2 months ago, but conflict increasing by days.

 She is old enough and settled enough (loves people) to relocate to the home with someone who has a love and time for a dog. If you sincerely want a canine companion, please send your contact details to me at or call 9907 2583 so we can arrange a meeting with Stella.


Anonymous said...

very cute pup!

Kristin said...

hmmm..left you a comment earlier. if this dog is still looking for a home in september, we'd love to meet him. or her.. very cute!