Monday, May 02, 2011

DG Blog Review in April 2011 Issue of Adam & Eve

So, today I am in my doctor's waiting room and I decide that since I have a ginormous thing of hand sanitizer in my bag (Bath & Body Works - holla!); that it is probably safe for me to pick up and read some magazines. (Usually, I get the mental-picture of germs crawling all over the mags from all the sickies who have picked them up - YUCK.)  Well, okay, it does make a difference what type of doctors office you're in too... and if it is cold and flu season.   .... (OMG I digress!)  Anyhoo, I picked up one called, "Adam and Eve". 

Now, if you are from the States, your mind will automatically go dirty (mine just stays there on endless loop). Everybody knows that the largest seller of sex toys and B rated porn online in the US is "Adam and Eve" (don't bother checking the link.  I can already tell you that it is barred by Kuwaiti ISPs, damn them!).  Alas, I had not heard of the Kuwaiti magazine under the same name.  It looks similar to Bazaar Magazine (note that I say "similar" because I am totally bias about the years and years of hard work Ahmad ElAdly has put into Bazaar to make it what it is today.  Props to my brothah.  Plus, they have just been very very good to me.).

And I'm reading... and I'm reading... and ... wait... WHAT?  "Desert Girl" said what?

The title was, "Discretion:  The Key to Any Relationship in Kuwait..." by Farah Al-Hashim.  Full story at link HERE.

Oh WOW!  Someone took the time to review my blog.  Holy snap.  What an honor.  Of course my head swelled out to here and I immediately called Slaps to tell her about it.  Tee hee.  (I mean, it isn't like I'm MARK getting reviews on CNN or anything, but it was a nice thang.)

The review was about my April 2009 blog post on, "How to pick up chicks in Kuwait."  It is also on my right side bar under, "DG Info:  How to make female Kuwaiti friends" (as that is more PC).  It basically tells you that Kuwaiti women are NOT unapproachable, but it is all about HOW you approach them.  The author looked at it from the perspective of how relations should be discreet in Kuwait - which is true - and that perhaps some women in Kuwait would welcome the introductions.  (From personal experience, I know 100% for sure that my Kuwaiti girlfriends are open to it - as long as the proper ettiquette is followed.  "Treat her right and you'll never be wrong.")

I caught more sh%t for this post than I have in a long time; mostly from those of the male gender making statements of how cheap my tutorial approach was; and how no self-respecting Kuwaiti woman would want anyone to approach her like that.  Yada.  You know - comments generally stated by those with a penis and self-esteem issues.  Like one guy who said, "I hope your post isn't taken too seriously, and shame on you to encourage such actions, i've hated going out for the past few years becuase of the ridiculousness i see on the streets and in malls, all of which have been described in your guide..."  Actually, if you read what I had to say (NOT a "guide"); again, the point is that it would be done DISCREETLY so that no one would be able to see it at all.  Bada BING.

The review author is Kuwaiti (I assume).  I am not; Says so right on the top of this here bloggaroo.  The article states that I am a young Kuwaiti who went overseas for an education and got exposed to another culture.  Oh yup, I've been exposed (to a LOT), but  I'm an American and came here in 1996 and stayed.  I respect my Kuwaiti sistahs, but alas, I am not one.  I'm Irish, Finish, French and Iriquois Indian (Native American Indian).  I have known Kuwaitis for most of my life; more years than I care to mention as it would give away my real age, and ask the review stated  - I am "young" - which we all know is true, of course.

Also, gotta say:  This blog is not, and never has been about fashion.  I have never commented on how I think Kuwaiti women are high-fashion.  I don't get into all that stuff.  I don't believe that I have ever mentioned the words, "Dolce" or "Fendi" on my blog.  I shop at Target, JC Penney, Dillards, and places where I don't have to slap someone else's name on my ass; I have my own name (and ass). (Note:  I said "slap" and "ass" in one sentence.  Aint that a thang?!)  I have my own "style" (if you can call it that).  I don't promote spending a lot of money on something that  you can get in a discount store later (unless it is a particular piece that I LOVE and then I will buy it for the sheer joy of loving it, not because it is designer).  Fashion "seasons" can KMA.  I think it is wasteful; especially when there are so many needy people in the world.  I can understand how Farah would take a bit of literary license with it because it appeared in a somewhat of a fashion magazine with fashion advertisers. (Cha ching.)

The blog POST was definitely dedicated to men, but as a whole, not so much.  All kinds of nas read my stuff (and I still don't comprehend WHY? Dont' you beoble have better things to do?), so it isn't really targeting a gender-specific audience.

It was really cool to be mentioned in a review and then discovering it in such a surprising manner.  Thanks, Farah! :)  Lets get together and have coffee sometime.  I bet we have a lot of war stories to share!


Mark said...

Is it me or do I not see a link to your blog in her article? Cuz it wouldn't be nice to talk about a blog and then not provide a link to it.

UK Yankee said...

That post brings back memories! One of the first ones I read once I found your blog last year - you certainly made this move a lot less scary! Way to go girl!

Desert Girl said...

Mark - yuh that's where I say "The title was, "Discretion: The Key to Any Relationship in Kuwait..." by Farah Al-Hashim. Full story HERE." Sleepy? :)

hope555 said...

Hello Desert Girl. I found your blog while I was randomly surfing the internet & your discussions caught my attention. I admire your positive thinking & your honesty. would you kindly provide me with an advice? well I'm a foreigner female doctor, residing in Kuwait for a year now, but I was born & spent most of my childhood in Kuwait up to the Gulf War. Now that I'm back I find it very difficult to make Kuwaiti friends. The problem is I am not employed yet & I'm not involved in any extra-curricular activities or so. I'm just studying for the American medical licensing exam. I would really like to mingle & form friendships with different nationalities, but I don't know the means for that! since you've been living in Kuwait for a while now, I thought you can help with that... any advice would be appreciated :) .. Thank you Desert Girl

Desert Girl said...

Hi Hope,

You didn't leave me an e-mail address... I would be happy to help, just shoot me an e-mail at