Monday, May 02, 2011

Return Dowry

This is the first time I have heard of anything like this in Kuwait (at least the 2nd Paragraph).  I don’t know how the court can get away with issuing that fine because the deferred is always paid by the man and it is his form of alimony.  How can they ask a woman to pay it to a man?  Also, if dude had already consummated the marriage (which I’m only assuming that they had), how could the court ask the wife to pay back her dowry?  Being a lush doesn’t seem crime enough to fit the punishment. How many women marry alcoholic men? 

Arab Times - May 1, 2011 
Return dowry’: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of a First Instance Court that ordered a wife to pay back her dowry worth KD 15,000 to the husband.

Also, the woman will be compelled to pay additional KD 10,000 in deferred dowry (usually paid in Muslim divorce cases).  (DG:  Paid to the WOMAN – NOT the man!)

The husband filed a lawsuit against the wife claiming their marriage life had become impossible due to improper behavior of the woman and cited she returned home intoxicated and started fighting with him as he tried to ask where she had been. The man stressed he was surprised when he learnt the wife had filed a complaint and accused him of beating her.

Meanwhile, investigators had noticed she wasn’t in normal condition and ordered a blood test, which eventually revealed she had consumed alcohol.

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