Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dancin inside my head

I just downloaded Stevie Nicks' new album, "In Your Dreams", just released on May 3.  I love Stevie Nicks; always have, for as long as I can remember.  I have been listening to her songs since I was maybe 9 years old, growing up in Foster, Rhode Island, where everything in the forest surrounding our 250 year old farm house seemed magical and scary at the same time.  Stevie Nicks' songs just seemed to fit into the whole scene; kindof mystical - like the owl that I heard outside my window and sometimes saw on the branch of a big tree above the dirt road (Spears Path) where we walked to school.  Anyways, I love this latest album.  I can't believe how great she looks after all this time.  I think that my friend, American Girl, looks a lot like Stevie Nicks.

Anyhoo, I'm happy today, Mashallah.  I've had a lot of happy days lately.  Dancing inside my head.  When I'm happy, I write more. Can you tell? :)  Lots of posts lately.

Stealth stopped by last night to see how I am doing and to talk a little; calling first to see if I needed anything from the store.  He breezed in, he breezed out, I slept contented thinking about him (instead of waking up almost every hour, on the hour, as I often do).  I'm going to give him a chance.  We'll both "see how it goes," as he says.  I think I can deal with slow and easy for a change; much different than my fast-and-hard typical Aries manner that usually doesn't yeild the best overall results.  He thinks I'm "sweet".  He's in for a big surprise, I think.

Stella is off on adventures for a while. I'm going to miss her.  She's made a tremendous contribution to my happiness and peace of mind this year, so I have to give thanks where thanks is due.  Get some rest, girl, and don't worry about us - we'll be fine here. 

While I'm at it, props to The Romanian and Slaps for making me giggle lately.  Partners in crime, through sick and sin.


American Girl said...

OK, I'm liking this 'stealth' guy -- when they call to ask if you need something before popping in, that's always a sign of being thoughtful. Not to mention he sits up and talks with you until the sunrise -- that's just hot.

And wait wait wait... me the American Girl looks like Stevie Nicks?! OK, she's like 100 and looks 25! She's gorgeous! If you're referring to me... is there anything you need at the store before I pop over and massage your feet for the next year?!?!

Desert Girl said...

I'm liking him too. He's so damn respectful.

You are toooooooooooooooo f-ing funny! You crack me up. Trust me - you would NOT want to be anywhere near my feet. Just ask the Pinkies girls!

You do too look like Stevie Nicks and stop fishing for compliments!

Et, by the by, I did not mean you to think that you're anywhere near 100... noooooooo. :) but I can see the 25 part with that newly sculpted bod you have!

American Girl said...

Is he a Shammari by any chance? I'm all up one's dishdasha as of late -- love those boys :)

And you are just toooooo sweet, thank you! I had been living at the gym with a handful of raw nuts calling it 'dinner on the go'. I caved in this morning and ate donuts. Eeeek! But they were mmmmmmm good.

I am not fishing, you're giving them away so fast I don't have to beg :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Desert Girl said...

AG - All well deserved. :) He's half Shammari. One in the same; old rocker dude. Interestingly, he knows a lot of my friends. It is turning into an unexpected journey and I'm liking it.

Expat and the City said...

Love the happy you and hilarious posts. Dumping "L Man" means a fun summer for you in Shammari bliss ;)

Stevie Nicks and Kristy Alley are showing everyone that age is just a number. They are both gorgeous and have the sexiest hair.

Good luck with the Q8i rocker dude and I look forward to the juicy posts!

American Girl said...

Oooh, mutual friends in common. That always scares me a little and I find myself rapidly scanning my memory for any skeletons I might have hidden away :) Then I conclude they can either accept me for who I am (mistakes and all), or 'on to the next one'.

But I do wish you all the best. You truly deserve it. And there's nothing more exciting than the journey of discovering someone new. Especially upon the ending of something that didn't always make you feel as special as you are. Rest assured 'The Man' will be looking back one day -- with regrets. You will have taken this opportunity and turned it into a learning experience, and insha'Allah something fabulous.