Monday, January 31, 2005

Sheel ow Meshi

For those of you (Pinksuedeshoes) who NEED to know where to get a (now-famous) sheel ow Meshi sandweech, the restaurant is called "Steak Jad", behind Platinum gym, 1 street back from Shar al Mataaem. Phone 5719955. All they serve is sandwiches - they won't even give you pickles. Sheel ow Meshi is like a shawarma, but it is lamb with their special kind of barbecue sauce. It comes with somekinda cheese in it - perhaps puck. Totally yummy. I'm addicted.


Anonymous said...

:( poor thing u made a web site from how borde u are in this country , im there 2 but not that borde

Desert Girl said...

Um, no. Boredom had nothing to do with creating this blog.