Saturday, January 29, 2005

I hate Saturdays Here

Monday/Saturday/Monday - whatever. Same sh&*! I'm sleepy. I'm bored. I'm REALLY unmotivated.

I had a fun weekend thanks to new friends. As usual (Dr. Phil!!!) my weekend centered around food.

Okay, Wednesday night, the dinner that AB invited me to wasn't private OR romantic - It was me and 6 men. Under normal circumstances, I would think that is fair, but I didn't expect it! I thought me, AB, some boring business conversation followed by flirting over a romantic meal. What I GOT was 2 German guys, 2 of AB's Kuwaiti associates, Pushyman, and a bunch of hoochies in niqab and tonnes of make-up staring at the 6 guys the entire time! The only flirting I got was when I accidentally stepped on AB's foot (very big I might add) under the table. I even wore a SKIRT. I NEVER wear skirts! BBBBBOOOOORING!!!

My Wednesday night discovery is Richoux in Araya mall!!! DAMN - there are some good looking men in there and I will definately go back when I'm not with 6 men; although they were good for bait.

Pushyman is AB's mandoub, I discovered. HA. Poser.

Thursday morning, I woke up early to go to breakfast with Naz at The One. We like it there. Good poached eggs. The One is also having a huge sale and although I need Nothing, I bought Everything.

Then, I met up with Mediagirl who is totally nice and I really really like her and - Girl, welcome to Kuwait! It WILL get better. I promise. Stop crying.

We went to Wasabi for lunch (Ellie is yummy) and then we went shopping and bought More Crap I Don't Need: I did get a nice sweatshirt marked down from 46 kd to 11 kd. Can you believe that? They wanted to charge 46 kd for a sweat shirt that would cost max $20 in the States. Hala February is full of "bargains" like that: Items that are marked up to be marked down.

Why doesn't anyone open Target here? I love Target. When I get off the plane from Kuwait, after seeing my family, I head to Target.

Friday I had to get up early to go to breakfast with a business associate (more food at Johnny Rockets). Did you know that J Rockets serves breakfast now between 7 and 12 at Marina Crescent? I don't think most Westerners have figured that out yet.

Then, more shopping, then to the Balls of Kuwait (there are 3 because Kuwait has more testosterone) - the Kuwait Towers - for coffee in the evening.

Barbecue Boy is VERY upset that I am spending so much time with my friends and not with him. He only called me once yesterday, "Either I come to you right now, or I go to the chalet. Which one?" I'm like, "Damn - go to the chalet. I'm with my girlfriends." BB: "What is WRONG with you these past 2 days?" Me: (Well, duuuuuh) I am hanging with my friends. (Isn't it fun to see a man playing the clingy girlfriend for once?)

Bunny totally dissed me this weekend. He was supposed to come over on Wednesday and then forgot (better because I wouldn't have gone out with AB and found out that we were NOT ALONE), but the fact that he forgot upset me. He didn't call me all weekend; supposedly "sick". Silly rabbit, tricks are made for kids.

I miss my family and I really should go back to the US for a while. My 10-year-old nefew chipped a bone in his foot, sliding down a hill and hitting it on a rock. They took him to the doctor and the doctor asked him, "how did you do that?" My nefew: "A rock." Doctor: "Oh my God! They are sending kids your age to Iraq?!"


The Don ® said...

Speaking of Target, I don’t mean to sound so testosterony , but Eureka doesn’t do it for me, I nead “BEST BUYYYYYYYYYYY ”

:: muslim artist :: said...

hanging with you makes me laugh that I forget to cry.


Sou said...

I hate saturdays as well, i was just complaining to my friend about it! I said to her, "Saturdays are horrible, coz i'm still functioning on the weekend's timing!"LOL!! It took me half a minute to fully understand the "They send kids your age to Iraq?" bit!!

And you're right, i love the fact that BB is being "the clingy girlfriend" :p LOL!! That was really funny! hehehe...well i better dash off, ciao amiga! :)

random name said...

OH MY GOOD GOD !! Why do all Westerners think Kuwait is boring????? Must you drink alcohol and get hammered just to have fun???? Or is it that your not getting layed or something??? Want something to do? Read a book, go to the Cinema, eat out once in a while, meet the local population (we won't bite I promise!!!)

Desert Girl said...

Con: OH MY GOOD GOD !! Why do all Westerners think Kuwait is boring?????

Amerab: Dude – do you actually READ my stuff? If ya did, you would know that NOT “all Westerners” think Kuwait is BORING – especially not me. I’ve been here for years/forever. If I didn’t like Kuwait or Kuwaitis, I’d be living elsewhere. Who are you to generalize?

Con: Must you drink alcohol and get hammered just to have fun???? Or is it that your not getting layed or something???

Amerab: Do you have anything to do other than posting these messages? Why don’t you write something positive for humanity? Live and let live. I’m guessing by your post that you don’t drink and you don’t get laid. So what? Mu shagali/mu shagalik.

Con: Want something to do? Read a book, go to the Cinema, eat out once in a while,

Amerab: Again, please refer to my first comment. Do ya ACTUALLY READ my stuff? Who says I don’t do all that and more?

Con: meet the local population (we won't bite I promise!!!)

Dude, all my friends are Kuwaiti. They only bite if I ask them to! Can you please go bounce and get a life now. Thaaaaaanks!

Desert Girl said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about Eureka. I bought 3 items from them over a 6 month period and every one of them broke (Sony Cybershot, USB Drive, and a watch). The last I bought was the USB: In order to get my money back, I literally stood in the middle of the store and shouted at the top of my lungs, "You must be selling fake electronics because they all break!" I got it back. Best Buy rocks. I love that store and it is only 5 minutes from my house in the US.

The Don ® said...

D-Gurl, The best thing about BEST BUY that it’s 5 minutes away from every house.. That big yellow sign.. LOLOL