Saturday, January 15, 2005

Where is this year going?

Can you believe that it is January 15th, 2005, already? Where is time going? Why don't I have a life? Why aren't I living La Vida Loca or perhaps "settled down" with 2.5 beautiful children and a gorgeous husband who makes me laugh and blush and want to be with him 24/7? Why? Why? Why?

Because I'm me and the Universe has other plans for me. What plans, may I ask please?

I had a nice weekend. Good food. Good friends. Happiness.

Bunny ditched me for greener rabbit pastures somewhere... sigh.

I went to see some old friends and met some new ones on Wednesday - that is until my friends' cat got to my allergies and even 2 Claratine pills couldn't stop my sneezing. I love hanging out with them. Why does something always block my progress? F-ing CATS!

Thursday, I hooked up with one of my many, many, many X's. He is tall, handsome, single, funny, intelligent, financially solvent. In other words - just plain yummy. I even know both of his parents and all of his brothers.... and yet, somehow we are like oil and water together. It just doesn't work. He pisses me off, I piss him off. Then, he gets all perschnickety and won't talk to me for months. I guess I haven't talked to him this last time for about 6 months. I've known the guy for 6 years. I keep telling him that we could have 12 children by now (if we had twins). I don't know if he has the capacity to love. Do ya know when you know someone and you just don't feel like they love you or CAN love - or maybe they are just too selfish? (OKAY!!!! Kind of the way I was with Barbecue Boy! - shut up!)

This is so pathetic - I went out and bought more barbecue equipment this weekend because now I have an inferiority complex because I DON'T have the right stuff, so I need to GET the right stuff.

In my quest, I made 2 discoveries: Mirah Center in Shuwaikh has an entire upstairs with cheap electronic stuff (as long as you don't mind lots of men staring at your butt). There is a place called Daiso (or something like that) next to the Home Center in Shuwaikh where everything is from Japan and everything is 500 fils!!!! So cool - if you can figure out what HELL half of the stuff IS (all the labels are in Japanese). For example: is it candy, detergent... no, it is bath salt! I bought some great ceramic plates and a soy sauce dispenser for sushi. I may appear rich and beautiful, but in reality - I'm not rich. 500 fils for junk that I didn't really need anyway, but really really must have - rocks my world.

Barbecue Boy hasn't called me. It is, quite obviously, my fault. I do kind of miss the attention. Now, I would really like all the barbecue equipment he bought me. Sad, really.

To all y'alls who have written really nice comments on my blog here, thank you very much. I'm one of those people who thrives on positive feedback (aka I'm insecure) and it is always nice to hear - especially since I work full time for dickhead fuckwits who never praise me.


Jewaira said...

The Japanese store in Shuweikh is fun to go to - have found some interesting stuff there for the house. Like you I complained to the sales people about ingredients and product info being in Japanese only- and they said they were looking for someone to do the translation(?)- that was in September.

Jewaira said...

Isn't it called Daiso - the Japanese place?

Sheba said...

Hey gurl,

1st time here & seems like i missed a lot!

txpat said...

OK, because I have just read a very old post where you said you love feedback and compliments, I have gathered up the courage to comment here. I hav ebeen glued to your blog for 2 days solid. I am a fellow blogger but have never commented to someone I have never met... However - I am fascinated by your blog. I have read almost every single post and many of the comments. You seem so cool with many interesting friends. I too am from the States, but I have been in Kuwait only a few weeks. I love it here, but at the same time, it is great to hear some familiar US thangs, espcially the Southern references! I am so sorry about your losing your dad. Must be amazingly difficult - I cannot imagine. Sounds like you loved him so much.

You have mentioned a few times that you feel things some things and friends are just meant to be, and I dunno - I just feel like I stumbled across your blog for a reason.

You are a total crack up and we share many things in common - love of dogs, lack of full Arabic skills, being 'merican, total depression about the lack of alcohol here, I could go on but I may have already bored you to tears. Anyway, you seem to be a professional with high morals and integrity. I bet you would have a lot of advice for me on this country, whom to avoid and where to work. If you are interested in mentoring the "new girl in town", send me an email... (One disclaimer - while I am a freak about grammar, spelling and punctuation, I tend to be very casual in internet correspondence of any kind, and I am too lazy to always re-read for mistakes and typos. There will be many many typos, I have no doubt as I am the world's suckiest typist.)