Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rain Gives Me An Excuse To Be Late for Work

I just hit the snooze 5 times this morning. I have no excuse. Who invented snooze? I am 99.9% sure it was a man.

This shall be a "what I ate for dinner last night" entry. (Aren't they all?)

First, I am still eating leftover barbecue meat. I have frozen most of it, but I have something like half a cow left. Even my dog is turning her nose up at it now (she's so spoiled - I don't know where she gets it! tee hee). I was jonesin for a sheel-ow-meshi sendweech last night, but alas - just too damn lazy to get off of the sofa.

It is raining camels and goats (Kuwait equivalent to "cats and dogs" - ha). Why do the Morons put on their emergency flashers when it rains in Kuwait? It's raining! We're ALL in it. We ALL know that it is raining. I can SEE your car. It makes me want to smack someone. Even with the rain, and the flashers, and the morons... the Real Morons are still the ones flying up the emergency lane at - yes - 100 mph. So, not only do we get pebbles on the windshield, we get mud. Which leads me to another question... why do Still More Morons put their windows all the way down when it rains? I have noted that most of those particular types drive 20-year-old Nissans with 4 doors and bad paint jobs. One might think that they have the windows all the way down, so that their 20-year-old windows don't fog; yet why don't they open the passenger-side window (where no one is sitting) or perhaps crack the rear windows? Just wondering because I saw one of those morons get splashed by a Real Moron driving in the emergency lane (without flashers, I might add).

I think I am out of the Holiday Funk now, but I have surfaced to Boredom stage again.

This site provides information on how much aid each country is providing towards the tsunami disaster: http://www.nakagawa.ca/ascorbic/tsunami/. I was all upset this morning because I heard yesterday that Kuwait had only donated $2 million, but according to this site, the figure is $10 million. I feel better.

About the term, "fuckwit": I don't like vulgar language on the internet. I feel that "fuckwit" isn't really an obscene phrase because it is linked to another, ordinary word. Feel free to comment on this if you really must. My apologies to old ladies and virgins. (Oh my God - this is so funny! I just ran spell check and it asked if I wanted to replace "fuckwit" with "buckwheat". I haven't thought about Buckwheat for years! "Oooooooh tay, Buckwheat!")

I have run out of Dunkin Donuts coffee and now Costa Coffee is out of stock all over the country. WHAT is WRONG? I guess I could just walk around the corner from my home and buy some fresh-ground Arabic coffee - duuuuuuuuuh.

How could so many of my synapses have died while I've been living in Kuwait? Do you think it is because of that icky brown/grey cloud of pollution that comes out of the smoke stacks from somewhere around Doha that can be seen all over Kuwait? What IS that icky brown/grey cloud of pollution? Does anyone know? Why is it allowed to come out of those smoke stacks? Doesn't anyone care? Is that what is killing my synapses? If Kuwait had an American Indian actor on TV in an anti-pollution commercial, he would be crying every day! Actually, he would be on a hillside, crying and choking with lots of dead synapses. Does anyone else remember that commercials from the '70's?

Idea: Why doesn't anyone here in Kuwait do a similar commercial with a Bedouin guy standing in the desert, crying? Maybe they could place him on a hillside, overlooking a highway, on a rainy day, with morons with their flashers on and windows all the way down, driving 100 mph up the emergency lane. Oh, but then you couldn't get a good look at that icky brown/grey cloud of pollution.

Whatever coffee I had this morning (ground coffee from a can) has fired up my last 3 remaining synapses.


forzaq8 said...

read today newspapers , kuwait raised its aid to 100 million

Desert Girl said...

I saw that! I'm happy to hear it!

بومريوم said...
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بومريوم said...

I will comment on the pollution part maybe because I work in the industry which produce the most dangerous smoke in Kuwait” oil refinery”
Fact: canser cases rose after Kuwait liberation war but the staticses are not true
I see the company that I work in destroying the environment every day, causing more and more people to suffer Frome azma, allirges, and cancers.
Some of the people I know lost there smelling sense!

What you see in Doha is nothing compared to what refineries produce

zoe said...

fuckwit is a fine word indeed ....

Desert Girl said...

بو مريوم

I hope that you are healthy and safe.

I worked on 2 short-term contracts in KOC and KNPC. KNPC was the worst - I was at the main admin building. My athesma kicked in immediately. It was during the summer, very hot, very dusty. Thank God, I could appeal to my boss because his son has very bad athesma, so he took me off the project.

When is the Kuwaiti Government going to wake up? The pollution situation not only affects the masses, but their children and their future generations as well.

Look at the new houses being built in Kuwait - on waste dumps, below high-voltage lines, next to power stations/chemical factories/ and refineries. It is a disgrace.

بومريوم said...

KNPC it is

The problem is that the government know but pretending that every thing is ok
what makes me angry is all the posters KNPC print saying” we care about environment"
Like the poster will make every thing good
The sad thing is we only good in talking but no one want to take the first step
Even the environmental movements in Kuwait is for showing off and getting a good job

The main problem is that we lost the sense of what is important in life