Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Short Workweeks ROCK!!!!

I love all the holidays here. It is so cool. Too bad I have no where to go and no one to go with. I used to travel alone, but then it got more-than-stay-at-home-pathetic, so I stopped.

The Don: Sounds like you've got a life. Have a great time in Dubai - and then write to me and tell me all about it, so I can live vicariously through you!

Through a conversation with my sister last night, I have decided to eliminate all references to Dickhead Fuckwit. She's right. I shouldn't publish all that stuff. It will come back to bite me in the derrier. I miss my sister. I miss my whole family.

Barbecue Boy called last night. I have decided to go out with him for coffee (also known as: I still don't know what kind of barbecue utinsils he might have for me, so I want to find out). I still have barbecue-utinsil-envy because of previous discussions with Barbecue Boy. The good thing is that now, a lot of my friends are going down to the metal market (I forget the exact name) in Sharq (next to Al-Mulla's dealership) to buy their very-cool-grills. I only paid 8 kd for mine - complete with skewers; as opposed to the 30 kd I previously shelled out at the Sultan Center on a Weber grill. It was so low to the ground that I hurt my back grilling. Plus, I got "barbecue faced" (red from the fire and smokey) every time I had to bend down to grill. I'd actually have to remember to remove all my make-up prior to grilling. It wasn't posh. I then went to Ace and for 4 kd, I bought a posh barbecue grill cover (kind of like paying $10,000 for a little car and throwing on $5,000 rims). So what - I like it.

The Bunny has been MIA of late. I'm going to make him jealous by going to Buffalos and eating wings and a canyon burger and then I am going to call him. And THEN, I am going to go home and feel really terrible about eating all that meat when I am supposed to be losing weight (somehow - don't ask how).

Camrys: This morning, it was a light green one. What IS it about Camrys????


Sou said...

I start work on Tuesday!!! *evil laugh follows* When do you start work?! And i guess Camrys in every other colour are evil except Silver!! YEY! hehe..

:: muslim artist :: said...

I was going to suggest the same thing myself, about omitting fuckwit (sp?) from your blog. I am glad your sister got to do it before I found the time to.


Re Bunny: He may have found greener pastures, but he still has to mow it;-)


A~ said...

I love your blog! I got here after clicking your link in the myboyfriendisatwat guestbook.
best wishes from the U.S.!