Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year

I honestly am trying to have a new, 2005 attitude. I'm going to be perky. I'm going to try not to piss off the wrong people and if I ab-so-lutely must - I will try to kiss the appropriate butts (without compromising too many of my principles). Dickhead HR Dude isn't included in all the above; I must continue to fight evil for those less fortunate than I. Call it my mission.

What did I do for New Years you ask? Of course - spent it in a tent with about 100 other people in various drunken stages. My friend invited me to go with him to a chalet party. When we got there - there was security at the gate. My friends' name wasn't on THE LIST, and his friend (who had begged him to go) wasn't answering his phone. Someone finally came out (right past midnight) and told us that some son-of-a-sheikh had brought too many people and there was no room. Geez! My friend was so embarrassed in front of me. I'm not even Kuwaiti and I'm like, "That person isn't your friend. He can't be Kuwaiti because that is soooooo ayeb; especially on New Years! Where is the hospitality?" So, we turned the car around and went with the other 6 friends who had also been stopped at the gate to a tent party that turned out to be awesome. Everything happens for a reason. I had my good friend, Mr. Jose, with me, so I was going to have a good time wherever I went. Happy happy happy.

I discovered a new place that serves AWESOME shawarmas in barbecue sauce. I don't know the name of the place, but directions (take a right before Platinum Gym off Shaar al Mataaem, go to the end of the street, take a right and the restaurant is on the left). Of course, # 2 New Years Resolution is: Loose weight.

#1 New Years Resolution: Spend more time with people I LIKE.

I haven't even been over to see my friend, Christine's, baby.
My friend, Mona, is going to disown me if I don't go to see her and her family.
Likewise Fatima.
Likewise Asmahan.
Likewise quite a few more people.
I don't even get around to calling people anymore.
I am pathetic. Really, this year will be different.

Part-time boyfriend/friend brought me flowers and a card with bunnies on it. He calls me bunny. I call him bunny. Ergo the bunnies. Pink roses I got. :) Then, we went out to eat sushi, which is always a sure-fire way to make me feel better.

I told my mom to stop sending me stuff from Tiffanys because they are too expensive. I am going to send her back the box so she can buy cheap stuff. The box is the real issue with me - I love seeing that little blue box. What's in it isn't such a big deal. Now, men buying me stuff from Tiffanys is something COM-PLETE-LY different.

I watched "Sabrina" again last night (for like the millionth time). I've also seen "Love Actually" recently. I always cry at the end (oh, shut up!!!!). I went to the Virgin store and asked for the soundtrack. Sales Dude says, "Now, what were you looking for again?" I said (with a completely devilish look), "Love, actually." He was too cute and way too young.

Which brings me to my next paragraph (you're not going to believe this sh....)

I was chatting with my Romanian girlfriend the other day. She's here in Kuwait, married to a Lebanese maniac (another story). She had to go away from the PC for a little while, but left her MSN on. Then, her 15-year old son gets on and sends me THE dirtiest chats I have seen in a looooooong time - and get this - says, "please? I have money...." The LITTLE FREAK!!! This upsets me on so many levels:
  1. I am now questioning if perhaps my friend and her family must be really hailag
  2. What would make a 15 year old boy think that any woman (including their mothers friends) are prostitutes?
  3. Why does a 15 year old boy know all that nasty stuff to begin with? EEEEEWWWW
I saved all his chats and sent them to his mother.


bitzer said...

First comment of 2005 is mine.

Bow down.

Tata Botata said...

1. They could be.
2. Raging Hormones
3. TV, Internet and all that Jazz.

She might think it's 'cute'.

Keep us Updated! :p