Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Think I have a brain tumor...

I've had a headache for over a week. This comes on the tail-end of the virus/tonsilitus that I had last week. I think it is either a blood clot in my brain or some form of alien that may pop out at any time. Actually, I know that it is work-related from stress. Heavy sigh.

WHY are they digging up Salmiya (besides the obvious - corruption)? WHY do they have to start at 6:30 am before the sun is even awake? WHY do I have to wait for 1/2 an hour to get ONTO Jawazat circle to take 5th Ring Road in the morning because the SAME traffic cop is sadistic and making people merge into 1 lane? I have noticed that if ANYONE in your traffic group honks their horn, he punishes us all. This is wrong on so many levels. This morning, I was mouthing to him that he has traffic backed up all the way from the circle to Sanaa; I think I got myself an in-direct ticket. And WHY are mothers in mini-vans always so pushy - on any continent? Having all those kids (ergo the mini van) should teach them patience!

I was scared into never having children by a woman in a supermarket parking lot in the States. She looked got out of a beat-up mini-van, toting a toddler and with 4 other kids behind her. She wistfully looked at my sports car and said, "You know... I used to have one just like that.... before." What a form of birth control that has been! EEEEK.

Mediagirl, I took your advice and was nicer to Barbecue Boy. He really does have a kind heart and was clueless as to the err of his ways. I have sufficiently edu-ma-cated him.

I cooked Bunny a hamburger (Hungry Bunny - har harr) last night and he acted as if I created a 5-course gourmet meal. I don't think that he knew that hamburgers don't just come from boxes or McDonalds'. This seemed to be a revelation. The look on his face was priceless. He lives on machboos.

I'm only cooking lately because the mood has struck. Otherwise, I am a take-out consumer. I'm sure the cooking mood will go away soon. Therefore, I am cooking as fast as I can and freezing everything; Like a squirel storing nuts.

My life is FULL of excitement!


Sheba said...

hehehe, loved 'he lives on machboos'!

Ok i need a quick update on whos who or i'll get fired any minute now!

Desert Girl said...

Ok, where we are so far:

Barbecue Boy: Know-it-all, good-intentioned guy who brings me stuff and gets on my nerves.

Bunny: (Honey Bunny) Part-time boyfriend who is VERY handy around the house. Gives me no attention whatsoever (which is probably why I like him so much). Basicially, he is my best friend.

Any reference to Dickhead Fuckwit usually regarding bosses of some sort.