Sunday, January 16, 2005

Anyone from Costa Coffee Reading this?

Costa Coffee people!!!! I gave you an ENORMOUS amount of free advertising lately (write to me and I'll tell you where/when) and I was just wondering - can SOMEONE please get me just 1 bag of your ground coffee? I dated an Al-Shaya dude once. Does that score any points? I thought he was an uptight jerk (but really handsome).

This one time (not at band camp), me and this Shaya Dude were driving back from B'naider. I didn't have a Kuwaiti license yet (was a newbie), but had my American passport with me. We got stopped at a checkpoint (2 am). The guy takes B. Al-Shaya's license, then looks at me and asks B in Arabic for my ID, so I give him my US passport. Traffic Dude looks at it, then looks at B and says to him in Arabic, "Britaniyya?" (is she Brittish?). duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Some random thoughts on tefteeshes (traffic checkpoints): First, my girlfriends and I loved the roadblocks during the Bush War to "Liberate" (aka circumsize) Iraq because there were checkpoints all over the country. They weren't the usual checkpoint guys; they got the Ministry of Interior regular-desk-job-guys out there. My single girlfriends and I used to drive through all the checkpoints to find out where the cutest guys were. Sometimes, in a day, we would drive through the same checkpoint 4-5 times - just to get some attention. (YES! That is how pathetic my life is.) Sometimes, when they would wave us through, we would stop and shake our heads (if they were cute); or make the international sign for handcuffs (putting your wrists together). The usual taftheesh guys are kinda grungy for the most part. I make it a point to go through checkpoints eating a shawarma if at all possible. (I don't know why.) I usually ask if they want some - just for fun.

Something else just for fun: I make it a point when I go to fill up my car at KNPC, I always go to gas pump #6 at each station. That way, when I get up to the little booth where you pay, I look at the guy, smile, and say, "Sex." And when I get a reaction, I'm like, "NO! I said six". Little things that provide hours of shyts and giggles.

Is anyone as upset about Brad and Jennifer as I am? It really depresses me. I have so few happy couple role models and they were so cuuuuuuuuute together. I can't take any more depression.


The Don ® said...

The split up gave me back my 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 % chance that I’ll end up with my Jenny..

UzF said...

naughty, naughty girl!

Desert Girl said...

I'm an angel. Don't stand too close or my halo will blind you! :)