Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Close to Home

My friend, Nita, was an eyewitness to the shootings. The Arab Times wrote about her on page 15 today. BTW, kudos, Arab Times - you guys got some wonderful pictures and stories. You go, Yawar. Now, if you only paid your writers/editors more money....

I called my friend, Hamani, this morning because I know he rents out furnished apartments in the building that was shot up yesterday. He said that 3 of his apartments were damaged by security guys breaking down doors and shooting out windows. Says I can get a discount on an apartment if I want one and that now - the security is much better. As if.

Today, they are shooting up Mubarak Al Kabeer.

It would be nice if the innocent families in the area had the opportunity to like - get out; especially the kids. I know that it is supposed to surprise the bad guys, but evactuation is always an option.

Well, they are for sure getting the bad guys (refer to Dead Guy picture on the front page of the Arab Times today).

I was probably all fired up yesterday because I was getting sick (and didn't know it). My frickin tonsilitus is back again today. Bummer. Oh well - maybe I'll lose weight. I don't feel good. I want my mommy.


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

A-yo girl wassup? How's it going? Well, since I'm reading all your entries like a good little er ... blog commentor (izzat what I'm called?) I actually KNOW how it's going, so there. This thing (I'm sensitive like that) between you and barbecue boy (even his name fits) totally sounds like something out of the books I'm currently reading by Meg Cabbot ... or Abbot or something. Very girly yet simultaneously charming reads :D

"I can get a discount on an apartment"

Why not? Just think of it as a fixer-upper 'sides, lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place ... or something :P

Hope your tonsilitus ... okay I dunno what that is but I vaguely remember reading somewhere that lots and lots of icecream is involved :D

Oh and if you ever figure out an easy way of losing weight (meaning sitting on ass all day and stuffing face yet miraculousing shedding kilos ... or pounds, whichever) puh-leez let me know and I will love you forever and ever and ever.

Laters Chica ;)

Desert Girl said...

D&G - It is ALWAYS nice to hear from you! :)

As far as sitting on my butt and waiting for the pounds to fly off me: I tried Xenical once. I sounded good - you got to eat fat foods and then pop a pill and it would all go away. Only - they didn't tell you HOW it was all going to go away. Yuck, ew, ick!!! If you downed about a gallon of Wesson oil, it would have the same effect.

Anyhoo, I have spent the past 2 years in search of the perfect gym. All that searching made me tired. I'm still looking in a casual way.

One time (not at band camp), my Briddish friend, Tom, brought me some herbal diet pills from Thailand. They looked like BB's and get this sh*& - you had to eat 20 a day. 20 of those nasty, foul smelling things. I wonder what they were made of. Of course, if you did actually eat all 20 of them, you would probably puke all day long - that's probably how it worked.

I watch "Swan" and "Extreme" makeovers and if I saved enough money (from not joining a gym), I could maybe afford some of that plastic surgery (in Thailand where they can even make men look better than most women). Do you know that for $US 3,000, you can get a tummy tuck in Phuket and 1 week recovery at a resort hotel? I looked into it.

Anyhoo, Thanks for getting me started now!

Keep writing to me!

A~ said...

oh wait... wesson oil? so like, with that method, it lubes your insides and you literally like, shit yourself to death and therefore lose weight? God! why do we women torture ourselves like this? i hope you feel better soon sweetie. tonsil wise and other.
sending warm fuzzy thoughts and all that,

Desert Girl said...

Xenical is just gross. The fat just kind of drains out of you - continually - like wesson oil. It isn't just women taking them. I know a lot of guys here who have taken them too.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

lol Gross, but you wanna know what's even more gross? I heard that this one girl took some "diet pills" from Thailand or something and the pills had worms in them. The worms roamed around in her tummy. She didn't know till she fainted one day and the doctors told her after a few checkups or whatever. Anyways, it turns out that the worms multiplied in her tummy and it was hell for the doctors to get rid of all those worms.

I don't wanna go to the gym but it looks like it's my only option *sniffle*

Desert Girl said...

Gym - well yeah - way better than worms! Ew ew.ew. More ew!