Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

This is my favorite poem and I try to live my life by it:

I shall pass this way but once;
any good, therefore, that I can do
or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature,
let me do it now.
Let me not defer nor neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way again.

Jewaira reminded me of it today, so I thought I would post it - especially on Valentine's Day: an occasion to remember those we care about and to let them know that they are loved. Ultimately, every day should be that day, but these days, most people are so busy. This is one of my favorite days of the year (not only because I love red!).

Saudi Arabia has banned Valentine’s Day.
When my mother sent me to an all-girl school to keep me from being boy-crazy (didn’t work), I learned very quickly that anything forbidden becomes 100 times more enticing. For example, my dad told me never ever (“I forbid you…”) to date an Arab man. Need I say more?

Thanks so much for the comments on the Shamlan post. I really appreciate the little acts of kindness. We met when I was 15 ¾ and he was 19 (yes, it was almost innocent). He was driving up the street and I was walking down. Our eyes met for about 4 seconds and I know this sounds cliché, but I knew he was “the one”. Unfortunately, he never figured out that he was the one! I met him through a lot of detective work 2 months later (he had a very distinct/aka ugly car). He came to my family’s house and met me in front of EVERYBODY – even the Texan relatives. Anyways, I have spent the better part of my life loving someone who didn’t love me back and who eventually died before his time. Some may call it tragic infatuation. He was just different and special.

We are having a Pathetic Valentine’s Dinner at my place tonight. You know – a gathering of friends who can’t get dates on the special day. I don’t want to say we are LOSERS, so I won’t. We have just not bought into the commercial idealism of Valentine’s Day. (NOT) I love the commercialism of the day. I love all the boxes of candy and/or stuff; the teddy bears; the cards; the balloons. I love it all. In the States, I went out and bought (hopeful) Valentine’s lingerie (one day I will open a museum!).

I went out for coffee with my future-husband-and-father-of-my-children last night. (Happy sigh and lots of smiling.) We are in that phase where you talk and talk and talk and don’t get tired. FH&FoMC heard my dog barking while we were on the phone and actually said (before I told him about her), "Oh, you have a dog. What kind of a dog? I love dogs!" Yippeee! God was listening.

Bunny also came by and brought me some flowers and a pretty gift. Yes, I am still mad at him, but damn if it didn’t help! Perhaps that is shallow, but whatever.

I went to see Naz exhibit his work at Bayt Lothan last night. I love that place. It is full of creative people and creative energy. For those interested in bettering Kuwait, the Lothan Youth Achievements Center (LOYAC) is housed in Bayt Lothan. Website: It provides an opportunity for young Kuwaitis to get internships at local businesses before entering universities. Most often in Kuwait, students never have the opportunity to get work experience; instead they study until they earn their degrees and then work (which is a shame because they miss out on so much). The LOYAC students must also be involved in voluntary community service including work with the elderly or ill; traffic and AIDS awareness; and the arts. I think it is an amazing program.

Anyways, happy Valentine’s Day everybody and I hope that someone in your life tells you how much you mean to them today.


The Don ® said...

So I am not the future-husband-and-father-of-my-children ?? I bet you, I can change your mind :PPP

Jewaira said...

Jewaira is delivering keys to two cyber rooms for you from your SecretAdmirers; one is full of red balloons and the other is full of your favourite roses and mounds of the best chocolate.

Have a wonderfully wonderful day, everyday :)

P.S. Try not to make a habit of throwing your good lingerie at strange men like Don!! You never know what it will get u into ;)

Desert Girl said...

Don: I am pretty sure yoiu can change my mind, but I would actually have to SEE YOU first! Until then, I shall throw my panties at strange men in the hopes that they will hit the right target; like cupid with an odd arrow!

Jewaira: I never throw the good stuff! If I don't know what it will get me into - that makes it even more fun!

A~ said...
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A~ said...
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Beatnik said...

hey Amerab gotta thank you on your blog just incase, darling we are the same sign you posted it already lol which means you went through alot of trouble I appriciate that. which also might mean mmmmmmm all that partying is taking it's toll on you, Ya zalme nice nice i love hearing about that stuff from you the good time you have and all, spcially that i like the pure fun thats in it no sleaziness for lack of a better word, the true understanding of having a good time. no hoochiness and all. suffered alot from that at some point in my life were am mixed up with poeple maaaan i really don;t want to breath the same air they do. hope you had a great valentines, i did but as i said before it is a little X rated lol.