Sunday, February 13, 2005

Awesome Long Weekend - Happy Hijrah New Year

Thank God – my weekend didn’t suck. On the contrary, it was great.

I got to hang out with MuslimArtist et al. MArtist is a bolt of energy and she wears me out. I get tired. I have to stop and rest. Perhaps it is my lingering chest infucktion. I don’t know. She is just a flurry of activity; a whirlwind.

Wednesday night I can’t remember what the hell I did. I think I stayed home.

Thursday morning, I went to look at a used Pajero because my damn Discovery needs a trani overhaul and I was thinking of just dumping it. The Pajero was a cute, black 2-door, but it needed too much work and the monthly payment was way too high for a used 2002. I was under the distinct impression that the Lebanese finance dudes were trying to rip me off. I turned up my nose at them. (I spit on your haircut!)

MArtist and I went to Sakura for sushi (yummmmmm) lunch with my discount card (50% off for 2 ppl – yippee again – so I can eat even more sushi). Then we went downstairs to the Fauchon café where they have the very best kick-ass hot chocolate in Kuwait. I saw a lot of my friends from work there who had been attending a course.

Thursday night, I went to my friend’s house in Salwa for his wife’s birthday party with a few mo'mericans and their friends. A Kuwaiti man (The Moose) that I have had a crush on for like forever was supposed to show up, but didn’t and I was most disappointed. (heavy sigh). We did some business together last year and then had a disagreement and we are both too stubborn to call. Why should I call first – I’m female??? Last year, he sent me 6 bouquets of roses at work. I'm wondering what tomorrow will bring. I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Friday, we met up at Jeans Grill for lunch at Souq Sharq. I met my future-Husband-and-father-of-my-children, who was sitting at the next table with his brothers and uncles. I’m totally smitten and we have been talking on the phone ever since for hours at a time. I can’t get him out of my mind.

We met up with CineDude at Costa in Marina Crescent where we saw some biker dudes. Mediagirl thinks they are all The Don, so she keeps shouting, “Don! Don! Is that you?” which totally cracks me up. I have consistently referred her to mushtashfa majaneen to seek help. I think someday the REAL Chopper Dude will actually turn around and converse with her, at which point, she will have a heart attack and perish.

We ended up going to the airport (after much drama from a little local car rental agency, those little bastards) and picking up a 4-wheel-drive-uphill-in-reverse Camry from the airport (my other car only seats 2 comfortably). The service we received from Hertz was excellent by the way. They were so friendly and nice.

We headed to Pushyman’s party villa before driving down to a “barbecue” in the desert across from B’naider.

The barbecue turned into an all-night party which was awesome because I ran into a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in a really long time: Sulaiman, Bu Ali, Mishal, Dalal – the whole gang. I never see Sulaiman and Bu Ali out of the sea, so they didn’t recognize me right away with clothes on (I usually only have a bathing suit on at Kubbar)! I think that D (CineDude) and Mediagirl really had a good time. I kept looking over and they were smiling. CineDude immediately started dancing like a Kuwaiti - and very well - which was quite a nice surprise. Thank God, there were only a few hoochies there. This one girl had her g-string so far out of her pants and was so drunk that I was dying to run over and give her an even-worse wedgie. CineDude and MArtist seemed to have a really good time. MArtist met her soul mate (not) – some guy who wouldn’t leave her alone for the rest of the night but seemed to be “nice”. AB (see post of January 29) showed up – very late – and proceeded to give me the cold shoulder. Damn, but he’s good looking. It is a shame. All he wanted to do was talk business. How droll. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BO-RING!!!! What a stud-dud. The camp had the BEST saj sandwiches and arayes in the whole world (doesn’t everything taste better in the desert?) It was a nice camp (excellent clean and pretty bathrooms!) and we had lots of fun. Unfortunately, Abdullah Ruwaished was singing at another camp and at about 1:00, everybody left to go there. We stayed. [I didn’t want to go because I thought Abdullah might remember me from his concert in DC when I threw my panties on stage (just kidding). I like my panties too much to throw them at any guy.]

On the way out, MArtist’s “soul mate” led us out to the road. He was drunk (I didn’t drink because I’m still on meds, but those Bacardi Breezers looked totally yummifying). We followed him (like sheep to the slaughter) into the wetlands where everybody always gets stuck. I tried to tell the guy that he was going the wrong way. We turned and got onto the highway. When we looked across, we saw a car like his going in circles in the desert and had a good laugh on his account. Poor guy – I think one of the hoochies stole his mobile phone. That’s what they do – steal mobile phones and then sell them. All the hoochies always have the latest mobile phones.

Saturday “morning” (12), we met up with yet more people (more Americans) at Biella at Marina Crescent for lunch. I like that restaurant – it is bright and sunny, overlooking the boats at the marina and the Gulf beyond - and reminds me of being back in the States. I only wish that I could have had a nice glass of red wine with my pizza. Anyhow, everyone had a great time and many laughs and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

You know, life here is really really good if you have good friends. I’m at the point in my life here that I can connect people and they can go on to establish and build friendships. That always makes me feel good; seeing other people so happy. Thank you, God, for such a happy weekend.


The Don ® said...

Damn!! If you're not going to throw your panties at me when you first meet me, then I'm not gonna consider meeting up with you.. :P

:: muslim artist :: said...

It's MA:-) I'm not known as Mediagirl unless they have my email addy:-)

Desert Girl said...

Don, it might just be that I throw my panties at ALL the biker guys in Kuwait, just hoping to hit you. I already keep 50 pairs of shoes in the back of my car (typical girl car) - why not panties?

Tata Botata said...

They will give you 60 KDs if you sent mustasha elmajaneen a 'majnoon'.


Desert Girl said...

Tata - I believe that MuslimArtist should bring in at least 200 kd!

The Don ® said...

Muslim Artist, A.K.A LuLu, A.K.A MediaGirl, don’t worry.. your fans know you, no matter what nick name is being used.. :P

Desert Girl said...

Don: I just call her "Goddess" and leave it at that! :)