Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day a Success

I had a happy VD. It was fun to be with friends and nobody chipped a tooth on the horrible plantains I made (sheet - I almost did and I didn't even have to be polite). They were GOOD fresh from the fryer- I SWEAR! Next time, I am not going to barbecue in sub-zero temperatures (it felt like it anyways). Microwave all the way! I'm actually thinkin seafood night with seafood stew, crabs (when in season), clams, etc.

Does anybody know where in Kuwait to buy a dough machine (to make bread dough)? I am going to bake anatomically-correct, 6'4" man. :) No actually (I don't have an oven that big), it is for a friend who I am SURE is going to bake me many many loaves once I finish the quest and secure a dough machine (right? right?). By the way, I like the kind of veggie bread that I used to get at the farmers market - baked with herbs and ... veggies. :) Just thought I would pass that along. The very best bread I ever had was when I took a bus trip up to Quebec in the winter (with about 4' of snow on the ground) and they stopped at a little cafe where they made fresh bread. They served us big chunks of it with honey on top. Yummmmmm.

BTW, GF - You started the whole UTC thing. Now I can't stop.

I pity my poor blog readers who actually take the time to write to me - and then I bombard with e-mails of my ramblings. The cool thing is that I'm making a lot of new friends (that I can call at 3 am when I'm feeling lonely and want to chat).

I was saddened by the bombing in Lebanon yesterday. Hariri did so much to help his own people. Can't we all just get along?

Did anyone see the Arab Times this morning? There is a big ad on the front page from the Ministry of Social Affairs (I can name a few) & Labor on "Women Role in Civilized Society"(how 'bout "Editor Role in Civilized Ministry?)".... to invite the laborers and interested in volunteer labour field..." to be addressed by Mrs. Cherie Blair. Now here's what I want to know - are they discussing Kuwait as a civilized socieity, other countries as civilized societies, or the UK? I guess I would have to go and see. If the Kuwaiti security forces are frisking attendees - I will DEFINITELY go just for shyts and giggles. The bigger question (as, of course, everyone in Kuwait needs to know) is: Will there be free food? Any gift bags?

I went to a conference about a year ago put together by a law firm (if I remember correctly it was Al Khebra) about opportunities in Iraq. There were several speakers and I thought it would be interesting and guess what - IT WAS!!! A fist fight broke out (2 middle-aged Kuwaiti men in gutara/aghal) in the back of the room during the Microsoft speaker's speach. It was poetic. The MS guy kept right on talking! I was laughing my ass off (everyone knows that's impossible, but whatever). The rest of the conference was blah blah blah, but I saw some of my friends and made a few more. I also saw that 2-faced short man from MTC and silently put an impotence spell on him (as if he doesn't aleady HAVE that problem!) Yeah yeah - I know, I've heard it all before, "He's a brilliant man and a wonderful speaker. A visionary...." He is still nethel.

By the way, for those who were unable to send flowers yesterday, I still have my chest infection, so here is your big opportunity...


2 Second Club ® said...

I sent hundreds and hundreds of happy valentines thoughts along your way !!! don’t tell me you haven’t received those yet?? Damn the delivery guy, I’m gonna kill him..

Mark said...

you can find a breadmachine at City Center.

Desert Girl said...

Don: I'm still waiting. I think I felt a thought last night. ;)

Mark: Thanks. Is it a dough machine? Same thing?

Q8's Biggest Loser said...

being as baked as i am.... i dont think there IS a dough machine you use a reg mixer that has a kneading attachment to make the dough then you use a bread machine or an oven to cook it ....i think :) by the way u have a hilarious blog

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Hilarious, and fun, and purdy :D and all those )(yummy-sounding) men, mashalla mashalla. Dude, like share the wealth! Kidding... or am I? Seriously though, I SAID WE SHOULD HANG OUT AND I MEAN WE SHOULD HANG OUT! DAMN YOU WOMAN! DAMN YOU TO HEAVEN! Glad you had an awesome V-Day! Mine was Crap (please not capital "C"). Thank you, have a nice day.

P.S. I swear I'm not on anything.

Desert Girl said...


Thanks for your nice comment. I think I'm hilarious too.

Sou said...

Awww, salamat Amerab! inshalla you'll get better SUPER SOON! (super soon?!--what the hell does that mean?!) Ok, you know what i mean (you're one of the rare ppl that do) hehehe...

Glad V.Day was a success, no need to tell you how icky mine was :(
O well :p