Monday, February 21, 2005

On Cats and Other Stuff

I have a friend who stays at home playing with her big, fat, furry pussy all the time, rather than socializing with her friends. She can’t stop playing with it – and it is a nasty, smelly one. I am, of course, referring to her cat, Paddy. And my friend – antisocial-formerly-very-social (as in “dances on tabletops”) beloved Irish friend who I cannot get to leave her apartment. It is pathetic. What is it about cat women? Once you get a cat, do you never leave home? I’m just wondering. Dog people have to walk them, so you occasionally actually have to run into people. I miss my socialite buddy. Ya know, acknowledging that you HAVE a problem is the first step in solving the problem. Leave that pussy alone and let’s go have fun, girl!

I am allergic to cats. I wish I wasn’t because then I could go to visit some of my favorite friends. Sadly, I get disgustingly sick whenever I spend too much time around cats: red hives that pop up from my neck to my forehead; swollen eyes; uncontrollable runny nose. It really is gross. Just thought I’d share.

I want to lease an Envoy. Does anybody have a good contact person for me in Kuwait? I refuse to deal with Kuwait Finance (I have some other choice “F” words to insert here, but I won’t) House. Write to me at I want a badasscar that I can trash for a year and get away with it.

Future-Husband-and-Father-of-My-Children disappeared for a few days. He called me last night, but I was watching TV or doing the dishes or playing with my toenails or something and I just couldn’t get the phone. Sometimes, ya just gotta play their game. “I’m too busy.”

Segway from playing with toenails: I MUST have sushi. I MUST, I MUST. I will surely perish without it in the next few days. (MArtist – Crowne Plaza run?)

I loved Don’s blog about being more courteous to people on the street because they might be blogger friends. I have been bad for the past few days. I read someone else’s blog and I lowered myself to making some pretty bad comments on it and I shouldn’t have. It was a crime of passion. I should be kinder. I should just remember that it is like the television when either Bush or Rumsfeld pisses me off to the point when I am shouting at the TV and worrying my neighbors: You can just turn it off. Don’t look at it. ….Everything is a learning experience.

OH! The Sultan Center (Dis)Advantage Card… Why is it that every time you go into the Sultan Center, the cashier is asking you if you have a Sultan card? There is no advantage to it that I can see. I’ve been shopping there for close to 9 years and guess what – I never got anything from them. Nada. You know what would be nice – you whip out your Sultan Center (Dis)Advantage Card and then they say, “Desert Girl, you are our millionth visitor. You have just won a badasscar that you can drive 100 mph over speed bumps at your whim.” OR – “Desert Girl, you have just won a free bunch of bananas for shopping with us today. We’ll go get those for you.” Sheeeet – some kind of gesture would be nice. I get more advantage by going to the co-op and having the teethless Egyptian baggers smile at me and offer to carry my bags. Anyhoo, I have never seen the advantage of that card – even after the new TSC customer service guys just sent me 4 e-mails when my old card was stolen. Even those guys couldn’t explain the advantages. Ayman, are you READING THIS????

Another big family tried a hostile take-over of the Sultan Center last year. It could have become known as the “Khara Fi Center”. Ha ha.

I had a training course today where I was bored to tears, so of course – when I am bored, I am dangerous: I changed all the settings on the computer I was sitting at. Wonder who is going to sit there next… They have now got a screen saver with a marquee scroll (of interesting saying – not too naughty) set to come on every 2 minutes, and a peeling banana for a cursor. It is kind of like returning a rental car with the radio turned all the way up. Stuff you do when you are bored. Better than staying at home playing with your CAT.


Flamingoliya said...

showing my card and attaching it to my key chain, urging mom to use the other everytime she goes there and got nothing yet either!

what's the story about kharafi? is it true?

LOL at the too busy game.

The Don ® said...

D. your friend has the perfect symptoms to be a blogger, introduce her to our world.. :P

And the TSC story, LOL..
I shop there when ever it’s 3 AM, and I’m in the mood for Sushi.. it’s crappy I know, but at 3 AM, it’s the only choice.. and about the (dis) advantage card asking.. I’m not sure, but it sure feels like they get commissioned if they sign more people up.. I still have my Albertson’s card.. I used to love that place at 3 am as well..

:: muslim artist :: said...

But of course Dahling...

As usual, after work @ 2;-)

Anonymous said...

One time I got 5kd voucher from the TSC card , and now they say that you get in draw and you win and thats never happend!!!

Anonymous said...

Des Chick I just have to commend u Ive been readin ur blog for a while now n i just have to say u seem like u've got livin in q8 down to an art... someday IF i ever move back to the homeland i hope I can do it half as well as u do ... rock on... n keep on barbie queing :)

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 2: Hayak! Things are really changing over here - FAST. You would be surprised even if you have been away only for a short time.