Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Barbecue Boy Out!

Press Release

This just in: Barbecue Boy Out!

"As of this morning, Barbecue Boy is officially out of my world." As Desert Girl stated in her press conference (of invisible friends) this afternoon, "I've had enough of Barbecue Boy. It wasn't just that he was callous, obnoxious, and annoying: He chose to tell my best friend, Naz, what was bothering him instead of discussing it with me directly. That is just so juvenile! "

Apparently upset by the sofa comment made by Desert Girl to Barbecue Boy on the issue of her dog (see previous posts), Barbecue Boy told reporters (Naz), "I hate dogs and I tried to play with her dog just to show her that I liked it. I put up with her dog just for her."

Barbecue Boy went on to tell reporters (Naz) several issues that bothered him in relation to the Desert Girl in question; issues that not even she was made aware of until related to her best friend.

Friends of Desert Girl were not immediately available for comment, although Naz summed up the situation stating, "I have to tell you - I saw with my own eyes how pushy he was."

The Desert Girl camp commented with their standard official response, "N E X T!"

- End -


Beatnik said...

man I think bieng the year of the snake you and me are living a parallel world.
Finished with someone I cannot take it the condescending tone of him Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
Next for me too
And mmmm good luck on that one.

Jewaira said...

A case of Love me, Love my Dog.

Desert Girl said...

Jewaira: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WALLAH - Love me, love my dog! I can't imagine not loving her.

Good for you, Beatnik. The world is your oyster!