Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doing Better

Lilli was released from the hospital yesterday. She ate a little boiled chicken and she's feeling a lot perkier.

The Man took me down to get her. He has been really wonderful and supportive - holding my hand and bringing me flowers during this week which has been real Hell for me. She seemed a lot happier to see him than she was me. I guess I deserve the punishment of taking her there and allowing them to keep her in a cage. A CAGE! ("Where is my white wool blanket? Where are my toys? Where the hell is the flat screen? Why aren't you making me dinner? PICK ME UP!!!")

I am REALLY impressed at the care she got at IVH. First of all, if you don't know it, the IVH employs all Italian vets. They are all friends; they are all sensitive and caring people. Dr. Stephania, Dr. Angelo, and Dr. Carlo took care of Lilli. She received (literally) round-the-clock attention. Dr. Stephania said, "We were happy to have her as a guest. She was very well mannered." She even hugged me when I left. Very very kind people and they put up with my constant phone calls.

I know that some of you out there have never had a pet, so you are thinking, "Yo, DG, WTF?" but until you do have a pet - you just can't know. Lilli isn't a dog, she is my world here. She's been with me for the past 11 years, through some really rough times and a whole lot of bullshyt. When people walked out on me or were cruel, she came and put her head on my chest or even touched her little paw to my face. Through sick and sin - through men and jobs and good times and bad times.

She stayed at IVH for 3 days and I thought I would end up having to pay the equivalent of a car payment for her treatment, but it was actually very reasonable. Thanks, IVH. Words are not enough.


LWDLIK said...


AmericanGirlinKuwait said...

Yaaaaaaaay! This is fantastic news! I know you must be feeling so much better as well.

Q8Sultana said...

Dear DG!
I'm sorry to hear about Lilly! Hopefully she'll be back to her original self soon! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh DG, am sooo happy this is over now and you have yr baby back! Istn that feeling great when ur down and yr dog feels it and comes to comfort you? Nothing can compare to it. That is something to be treasured and many people dont understand that who never had a pet. Humans can learn a lot from dogs! Dont forget to give her a cuddle from me!

LJ said...

She's such a cute pup, glad Lilli is better!

Snow said...

Glad to hear she is better and at home!! It is hard when your pet is sick...we understand!

Q8Sultana said...

Sorry, I misspelled the name, I meant Lilli :o)

Expat and the City said...

Happy days your little one is feeling better. =)