Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Help Find Spike!

Expat woman makes finding her lost pet in Kuwait a personal crusade

Former resident of Kuwait returns repeatedly to find her missing dog, lost somewhere in the desert

Kuwait May 25, 2010 -- Former teacher and resident of Kuwait, Maria Koutentaki Hawari, moved to Lebanon last year and was forced to leave her pet behind until she could make arrangements to reunite him with her family. While in the care of friends, the dog went missing in the Kabd area in December of 2009.

“My children are devastated. Spike was more of a family member than just a pet. I won’t stop looking until I have found him.” This is Mrs. Hawari’s third trip back to Kuwait since December. Now a housewife, her money is running low, but not her determination. She vows to return and continue the search until he is found. “It was 47c in the desert yesterday. How can he survive?”

On her trips to Kuwait, Mrs. Hawari posts fliers and posters in English and Arabic offering a reward for Spike’s safe return. The notices have been posted throughout Kabd; and at animal hospitals and shelters around Kuwait. Announcements have been posted on blogs and Facebook. Mrs. Hawari, her children, friends and volunteers have spent days combing the alleyways and desert areas of Kabd, shouting Spike’s name and talking to farm owners. The dog may no longer be in the Kabd area, however.

Mrs. Hawari has received many leads, yet nothing has materialized, “There are a lot of look-alikes and possible sightings.” Spike is a mixed-breed; part Shepard, part desert dog, part nurturing teddy bear. He has a single white whisker on his black snout, is mostly beige colored, and has a long, fluffy tail. The dog is also micro-chipped for identification (number 414098100001177). He responds to the name “Spike”. A KD 200 reward is being offered for his safe return; no questions will be asked.


Maria Koutentaki Hawari
Phone: (961)
70894973 (Lebanon – send SMS)

E-mail: whereisspike@gmail.com or iceladyleb@hotmail.com

Facebook: Helpfind Spike

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