Sunday, May 09, 2010

Desert Dawg is Hospitalized

Danger is imminent when Desert Dawg turns her nose up at a Polo peppermint candy. It is her favorite treat in the whole world (besides steamed crabs - go figure).

She hadn't eaten for 3 days; although she seemed alert and perky. Other times, though, she would be very lethargic and sleep a lot. So, back to IVH yesterday where they began a regiment of barium dye and x-rays to determine where the blockage is.

Her first x-rays on Thursday revealed that she didn't have any gas in her stomach, so the blockage wasn't severe, however, her intestines were full. She wasn't dehydrated, so they let me take her home. She still wasn't eating and nothing was coming out the other end. It is pretty pathetic when your world revolves around wishing your dog would poo; I resorted to begging her. Nada.
IVH started her on a drip to give her nutrition. She lost half a kilo in 2 days. For a dog that weighs 5.5 kilos normally, that's a big deal.

I feel so helpless. I guess people without pets don't get it. My dog is the only family I have had here for 11 years. She's been with me through sick and sin. People can't know me without knowing Lilli. She's such a big part of my world.

I'll know more today. It is just a waiting game to see what's going to happen next. Worst possible scenario is that she'll have to have an operation to remove whatever is in there. At 11 years old, operating isn't a great idea.
What kind of a crappy mother's day is this? I am a mother only to a furry, 4-legged daughter and she's in the hospital. This sucks.
Afternoon update:
I talked to Dr. Angelo at IVH. He said that the barium moved through her ok. Now the problem is trying to determine why she isn't eating and why she is vomiting. Next comes blood work.
Maybe she ate something bad. Dunno.
I'm not a crybaby, but Gdamn, am I a crybaby today.


LWDLIK said...

:O( I'm so sorry is there anything I can do?

Expat and the City said...

My parents have the same Maltese dog and he's the same age. He's been through something similar in the past. I hope they can find out what is wrong with him and DD will recover soon.

Anonymous said...

I know the helpless feeling when u cant help your dog! I sincerely hope she pulls thru and starts bouncing around, it will be the best gift for you!

Butterfly on the Wall said...

I'm so sorry that your baby isn't well. I know how you feel. I hope she has a quick recovery soon. And I hope her mommy gets some peace.

ameriacnGirlinKuwait said...

Awww DG, I am so sorry to hear this. Horrible news -- especially on mother's day. I know you mention her often, and I know how a pet can surely become a family member. My mom has a 9 year old Rat Terrier who recently had a similar problem. Fortunately the answer was, 'Stop feeding him hot dogs' and surgery wasn't required. I hope it turns out to be something equally as simple for Desert Dog. Before you know it she'll be home and you can celebrate mother's day together :)

Anonymous said...

I hope things work out okay. May it be a simple fix and she's back to normal soon.

M. Fernandes said...


Did you check if desert dawg teeth are ok... sometimes, their teeth are paining and that is why they refuse to eat.

Anonymous said...

Hi DG,

I'm sorry your baby isn't well. I hope she feels better soon!!! I know it must be very hard to watch a creature you have loved for so long and valued as family get sick. But, hopefully she will get better!!

Jewaira said...

Get well soon Desert Dawg. Hope you have better news today

Anonymous said...

7aram - hope both of you feel better soon *hugz*

Jana said...

Sorry to hear about Lilli! I really hope that she gets better soon! I consider my pets family as well and it is always devastating when they are sick and you feel so helpless and unable to do anything for them! Hang in there hun! Animals are so resilient, she will be better in no time!

RachelinKuwait said...

awww hope she gets better soon, i live out here with my cat, and she is MORE than just my daughter she's my best friend and my little shadow that follows me around the house. I brought her with me from the states. Hope your little girl gets better soon.