Thursday, May 06, 2010

My baby is sick

Desert Dawg (real name Lilli Putian) is sick. I don't know how I could ever be a mother because this schidt is killing me. I can't stop worrying about her. I took her to the vet, Dr. Juanita, at Dolhama last night and they gave her a few injections - told me to come back if the vomiting didn't stop and she didn't eat. It hasn't and she hasn't.

She's an old bitch - 11 years old now (12 in October). That's 77 in human years. So, it takes her longer to recover from stuff. She gets sick like this once or twice a year - usually from eating something bad or from eating a different kind of food. She is also allergy-prone and every time I take her to the IVH to be groomed, we end up back at Dolhama for injections for skin rash of some kind.

So tonight, it is back to the vet. I'm hoping that my vet friend from IVH can stop by my place to look at her.

I bought Lilli a Snuggy for Dogs in pink. She's wearing it now so she stays warm in the AC.



LWDLIK said...

Sad to hear that hope she gets better soon. She's so lucky to have a mummy like you xx

Louka said...

aww, hope DG gets better soon!!

Thursday's Child said...

Sick doggies are as bad as sick babies. No way for them to tell you what hurts or what makes them feel better. I hope she gets better soon.

Boz said...


I have 2 dogs and know how they are part of the family. Hope things work out.