Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old and new friends and Facebook and stuff

I have been finding old friends on Facebook lately and it is so cool. My sister deleted her Facebook account because she wanted to leave the past in the past; didn't want people she used to know to find her and get into her world now. She felt like people were going to stalk her. I'm just the opposite. Perhaps it is because I am nosey and I want to find out how people's lives have turned out, or maybe I am just so needy that I want to maintain lifelong bonds with people.

Dunno, but I'm glad there is Facebook. My life is pretty much an open book; no skeletons (that I won't blatantly discuss with anyone) and nothing to hide (except for that part around my middle which wasn't there when I was 17).

I have met up with several people I knew way-back-when. I saw one guy for the first time since I was 16. I met him at the door and he said, "You got fat." (I'm bitchy:) 'You got BALD.' I mean - what gets into people?

I knew a girl in DC when we were both 16. We were neighbors. Her father was a diplomat and found out that I was taking her to see her boyfriend (ironically - studying in the same city and also from Kuwait). He took me aside and said, "I don't want you to be my daughter's friend anymore. You American girls are different from our Kuwaiti girls and I don't want your ways to influence my daughter." (Implying that we are tramps. As if.) So, I let her decide the fate of our friendship, and never heard from her again... until one day at a party at someone's chalet; a bunch of gehab walked in and there she was. Glad she hadn't influenced ME. Turned out that she was a bi-sexual prostitute and hadn't been on speaking terms with dear old dad in years. Fasssscinating.

Ok, so some people you are just not happy to see again... and there are others who you can't believe so much time has passed and where have they been...

Like my crazy friend who I haven't seen in 20 years (except for on TV). I saw him on friend of a friend's page on Facebook. When I met him, we acted like we had known each other our whole lives. It's like I just spoke to him the other day and a few decades have gone by. He's still crazy and funny and interesting.

I found an old x-boyfriend on Facebook. Why is it that when some men age, they don't cut their eyebrows? Dude! He's still fine, though. Wonder if he's still married... hmmmm.

And what is the deal with people who you have arguments with and they de-friend you on Facebook? The Man does it to me often. It is more of a pain the butt for him because he can't see what I'm doing anymore. Bunny de-friended me the day after we argued. Que cera.

One of my dearest friends was always a great support to me in Washington. He knew everybody (still does). He was doing his PhD then and we lost touch. Years passed. I came to Kuwait. I was talking to someone from Abu Dhabi who was here visiting and he passed the phone to his uncle who used to be a student in DC. Turned out I knew the uncle, but even more ironically, he mentioned that my dear friend was now an ambassador to Kuwait and had been here for several years. I immediately called him and we re-connected.

Life is full of little ironies like that. Every day is a surprise.


AmericanGirlinKuwait said...

I understand where you and your sister are both coming from. But I'm more like you -- I want to see how everyone's lives have turned out. Some are a bit scary I might add. Like Ms. Popular Homecoming Queen Honor Roll Student turned crack head hooker. Makes me wonder.

But it really is so great to be able to reconnect with people, catch up with old friends, and be reminded of how 'fat' we've gotten. Just what every girl wants to hear when seeing a blast from the past.

Thanks for the laughs :)

syed said...

Really fascinaaaaaaaaaaaating!!! :) keep up d gud work...