Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More, more, more

I was listening to the radio this morning (which I rarely do because they annoy me on FM 99.7 in the morning), and TI's "Live Your Life" was on. It's kind of a jumbled combination of phrases linked together, but I caught one phrase which could be used often to characterise people I come into contact with:

"Unhappy with the riches 'cause you're piss poor morally."

Bada BING. Clarity.

However much these people get in life, no matter how expensive or what designer/brand/model: It will never be enough without a solid moral foundation.


Anonymous said...

fm 99.7 ...oh boy, the least said the better... can't they make it all music with no DJ to bore you to death over some cheesy product/issue the station tries to promote...
there ought to be a better presenter out there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I haven't listened to the radio in over a year and I was thinking about this song this morning, as I was getting ready for work. "Better a dinner of herbs than a fatted calf and hatred therewith" I think it goes.

Anonymous said...

99.7 has gone to the kids. I stopped listening to it after she would play Taylor Swift and it would be dedicated to cupcake from pumpkin on bus 29. Only elementary school kids write into her. It used to be funny as hell to listen to Latina Mina up until she got fired and deported for being drunk and cussing out some lady.

h_medlij said...

OW come on were not that bad and i think the singer describing him self and life in hollywood by the way he is in jail so basically he is a criminal

Desert Girl said...

I agree with youse on 99.7. But then, I stopped listening waaaay back when.

h_medlij - I was referring to those superficial people within our society here in Kuwait that need more material objects to compensate for the fact that their morals are so bad that they can't value anything.

For example, a person gets a 30,000KD car from his/her parent (not because he/she earned it) and drives it like a maniac because they don't care - it's just money and they'll just get another one if something happens. Their values are so poor that in the meantime, they kill a poor guy on his way to work delivering eggs. Person walks away, gets a new car, and think nothing of what they've just done to the egg guy or his entire family.

I write this because I met the person who got away with it.

I don't care about the song as a whole or the song meaning in it's entirety; I was only referring to the one phrase within the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

DG, "more, more, more". You are so right on point. People that buy things insatiably are trying to fill a void where their morals should be!

However, since coming to Kuwait, I have been facing my own moral Dilemma!!!!!

Prior to coming to Kuwait I was always the one rooting for the underdog. However, about a year of life in Kuwait and getting sort of sc%&&&*&ed by anyone I smiled at from the Haris to My cleaning lady, has led me to think that having high morals in here just does not work.

At times, I hate myself to have to put people in their place and by that I mean making them do what I'm paying them to do. However, this is the only way I can get them to do things, as they are probably used to this method!!

I don't know what comes next for me. I hope I don't end up just buying things to forget about my decreasing morals.

Thanks for writing.