Sunday, December 02, 2012

Invisalign Braces

I never wanted braces as a kid (ok, what kid does when you come out looking like Ugly Betty?).  Back then, there weren't a lot of options, you were forced to be a metal mouth, a black and decker pecker wrecker, etc...

But now, even adults can get braces and there are a lot of options.  My friend, Slaps, got braces that were behind her teeth.  My sister got Invisalign that you couldn't tell she had in.

I started looking in Kuwait for dental clinics that did invisalign.  I didn't like the prices (around 3000KD or Around $11,000).  They were a lot more than in the States.  So, I opted to go with a dental clinic close to home in Virginia and got them for $5,500.

(If you want a listing of dentists in Kuwait who do invisalign, just google "invisalign in Kuwait".)

They start by taking moldings of your teeth in a rubbery substance.  Then, the moldings can be turned into clear plastic trays.  You go back every 4 to 6 weeks for new trays.  You take the trays out when you eat (which is also another closing point for me).

In my case, I'll have them for 10 months.  Woo hoo!

You can check out Invisalign  at


Jacqui said...

That's cool, I went with the clear braces last year in December and this year I complete 1 year with them, I am technically in the final stages of the process (got 1-2 months left with them on) and I totally agree with you, growing up braces were simply horrifying especially the fact that almost all dentists required they pull out 4 teeth to fix your existing ones.

My dentist was able to fix mine without pulling out any of my teeth!

Yaaay for invisalign!

JgAbaba said...

I was so impressed by this invisalign it works good than metal braces.

GaretT_T said...

Many adults needing orthodontic care may confess they had not considered traditional braces before due to their appearance or as many say, the "tin grin." However, a newer innovation may change that perception.invisalign arizona

Dalal Akrim said...

Hello Desert Girl, thx a lot for the post, i was looking for some articles about invisalign, and yours was just perfect as i am living in Kuwait but i am intending to do my braces in the States, i do believe that we have such dentist here in Kuwait but it's still new technique for them and i don't want to loose my money & teeth as well!

but my concern if do it in the States is it possible to complete the treatment in Kuwait later on? as i understand there's a process of changing the trays, so i can i start in U.S. and finishing up in Kuwait or i have to go every time back to my doctor in U.S.?

Desert Girl said...

Hi Dalal,

Unfortunately, you need to follow up with the selected dentist every 3-4 months and at that time, you will receive more trays from them. You can't switch dentists.