Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Desert Moon

It's a full moon.  The men are frisky and the sheep are scared.  HA!

I went out last night to have coffee and the moon was baGORGEOUS.  

I met a man on my way to work this morning.  It was the cutest, cutest thing.  I loved it.  Must be the moon.  He was driving behind me, blowing me kisses.  How could he even SEE me?   Awesomely funny.  I think I found my babydaddy.  [Riiiight.  With my luck, dude will want me to have sex with a farm animal (do NOT go there, JM!!!) or his father or something equally as repugnant.]

Stella, I DO feel like Samantha on Sex and The City.  ME NO LIKE.  (I still want to see the YouTube clip of Samantha deciding she is really not a lesbian.)  HappyLesbianville has now become the butt of my friends' jokes on me.  Go ahead, bitches, laugh your assess off.  Payback is a serious bitch and I have my own float in the Bitch Parade.

Oh anyhooser, isn't the moon beautiful?

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Traveler said...

I noticed it last night too as I headed out the door after work. Gorgeous. Great for making love or even a solitary moon dance on the beach.

The spirit is there -- give in to the impulse.