Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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This is a Desert Girl exclusive....

So is everything I write, right?   Some bloggers have taken to adding taglines like these.  I find it highly amusing.  So, I'm thinking of adding my own tagline on everything I write.  What are your thoughts?  Yes, that's right, I'm totally narcissistic and into marketing/branding myself.  Sometimes I even use a hot poker. ;)  Ha ha.

I really don't have too terribly much to write about today (so of course, I chose today to write about nothing).

I went to the desert last night with The Romanian to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends.  I'm going to call him "Defiance" because that's where he went to school in Ohio and spent the best years of his life (so he says - I'm not makin it up).  I met him  when I was engaged (to fiance number 3, I believe.  I'm like Barbie - always engaged, never married.  By CHOICE.) Defiance was the best friend of my fiance. (And then.... much, much later, there was one very romantic night spent at Evan's Farm in Mclean in front of their fireplace with a few bottles of red wine.... sigh.  He was wearing Creed....mmmmm)  He's one of those friends who I might not see for a day or for a decade; and we always catch right back up where we left off.  My friend, Kaz, and I are like that too.  These are life-long friendships.  So anyhoo, Defiance always has a brick fireplace in his camp (hey... maybe that is related to that Evan's Farm night.  Let me think it was!)   It's so cozy.  (This is kind of a crappy picture because  I had to edit out The Romanian, but it shows the fireplace).  He's an old-school Kuwaiti:  "our people".  Totally generous and hospitable.  I adore him. We had some grilled steaks and sat around and talked.  It was just the kind of evening that I needed.  The R and I both went home happy and thanking God that there are still some of "our people" left in the world.

If I'm not out in the desert every once in a while, I feel like a fish out of water (or should I say 'dhub out of sand'?).  I just feel content and grounded again - and I haven't been feeling very grounded lately.  I don't know what it is.  Do you ever go through those times?  Sometimes I just need to call my mom to feel better, but sometimes (like now) even that isn't doing it for me.  I'm just not feeling like myself (like on one of those Snickers commercials where the guy turns into an old lady until somebody hands him a candy bar).  Only, I haven't found my Snickers yet.  I'm going back to the States for Christmas, but even when I was there last time, I didn't feel grounded.  Maybe my stars are out of alignment.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I've seen Happy (since the night of the fireworks).  We talk on the phone. We SMS.  He lives 5 minutes from my house (no joke) and can't make the time to see me.  (Yes Expat, perhapsee he is just not that into me. I know...I've read the book.  I have a collection of self-help books that I rarely read.)   I give him an "out" because both of his parents are really sick and he's the only one taking care of them, and the house, and has a job where he has to travel a long distance every day - and it is very stressful.  It doesn't sound good for his parents, so I can imagine the guy is under a lot of stress. I understand Happy's need to spend as much time with his parents as he can; especially since he's the only one at home looking after them.   If I'm not a priority, however, regardless of the situtation, I can't allow him to be mine either.  It is what it is.

The weather is cooler now and all the male creatures have come out of hibernation, but I'm so out of sorts that I don't even want to muster the energy to call anyone.  I'm totally blah and unimpressed these days.  zzzzzz snoozefest. 

Plus, people in general are starting to piss me off.  I can't tell you how much I have done to help people lately and some of them (and if you are reading this - you totally know who you are.  Not you, Norway.) don't even bother to reply or thank me.  Do I NOT have a note on here regarding the sending of pink roses after I have done something to assist?  I should be charging a consulting fee.  Send flowers!,  I'm nice, but I'm not stupid. 

On the flip side, Nathan, you were totally awesome and I appreciated your very kind offer.  Everybody go check out!  Would you buy their gear if they opened a shop here?  Let me know.

Oh and by the by, I have elevated sugar levels (diabetes just a little) and I do not need candy or sweets, so flowers are just perfect.  Why do people always bring me chocolates?  Have they not met my ass?  Hey, (this is my attention deficit disorder kicking in again....), did you know that the Cheesecake Factory offers a cake made with Splenda?  Who woulda thought?

And on that note:  PUSHY PEOPLE WHO WANT ME TO PUBLISH THEIR ADS.... I don't HAVE to do anything.  My blog.  My rules.  I only review stuff I like (unlike some others who call around and beg for coupons, vouchers, etc.).  Don't ASSume that I'm going to run whatever you want me to; and especially when I get a demand e-mail rather than something that is kind. 

OOOOhhhhSaaaaaa, Desert Girl.  Calm.  Serenity.  Peace.  Center yourself.   (Ok Indian shaman spiritual guide inside my head.  I will try.)

What I need is a trip somewhere with a guy who totally adores me and showers me with attention (and pink roses) and affection because, after all, I am an attention whore.  (No stuuuupid, not a whore, but an ATTENTION whore.)  I crave attention.  I need affection.  If I'm not getting either, I get cranky (like now). 

(Wish I could have gone to Nepal, but the timing was bad.  Phuket in February?)

And hope is a powerful ting...

By the by, maybe you readers (if you are still reading after the tyrade above) can help me:  I was out with V this weekend at Marina Crescent at Caribou and sat next to a biker dude wearing all Harley gear.  I believe he had a red bike.  He was a big guy and even though his friends were speaking to him in Arabic, he answered (like me) in English.  I think he's Kuwaiti because he said something about his dad building some building downtown.  (Who can tell who is Kuwaiti these days?  There are even Kuwaitis with blue eyes!  OMG).  Anyhoo, I liked the guy.  We had a nice conversation and he had such a nice smile.  He asked us to join him, but we didn't.   He has a tatoo in script down his left arm.  I know I've seen him before, but I just can't figure out where.  He had a magazine in his hand (black with silver lettering - don't know which one that would be) and said that there was a photo of his bike in it.  Does anyone know mystery dude?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for a whole bunch of stuff (right now, it's Peet's eggnog flavored coffee that I brought from the States and that is keeping me awake beause I got home at 2 am).  I'm going to be with some military folk tomorrow; and then having a pot-luck T-day dinner at home on Friday.  My cleaner dude is out of the country, unfortunately.  (I love this country and the ability to hire help for a party.)  I wish I could hire him full-time to work in my house.  ....He's the best thing since Camaro re-did their body style.

I am STILL looking for a Camaro!!!  I want a 2010-11 SS, V8; black with manual transmission.  Like my daddy used to say, "Christmas is coming, honey." (and then it was going and I still didn't get it...)  That car is like a sexy black panther (and every good witch should have a black cat).  (I said WITCH, stuuuupid, not B.)

I miss my dad (God rest his soul).  Even after all this time, I still worry about what I should get him for Christmas or reach out for the phone to call him. 

I have almost completed all my Christmas shopping.  Woo hoo!  What the Hell did we do before the Internet?  I don't know. 

I got myself Invisilign braces for Christmas.  I priced them here in Kuwait - ooooh noooo.  It was 1/3 of the price in the States.  I guess I have watched one too many episode of "10 Years Younger" because lady always said that one of the most revealing aging attributes is bad teeth.  Not gonna happen to me. I've done all the prep work and now I'm getting the braces.  It is all part of my maintenance schedule:  Straight teeth, perky boobs, and maybe an eye lift.  This girl is not going down without a fight.  I don't need a Brazilian butt lift, however, because as it is, my butt can already be used as a flotation device incase of an over-water emergency.  It is a proven fact.  Unfortunately, no one wants to pay 350KD to have dinner with me.... yet.... ok ever....

OMG how this post has digressed!!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'alls!

This has been a Desert Girl exclusive.


Traveler said...

Glad to hear you are OK, was beginning to get worried since you submerged without warning.

Tell ya what, I will pay 350KD for some time with you as long as you will give me the same? We can both claim our extraordinary worth.

Desert Girl said...

Traveler - Can I write you a check? :)

The Kuwaiti Godfather said...

Desert Girl I have a proposition. For all the girls who don't show up to the dates we set up (I get them roses) I will send them to you rather then throw them in the bin. How about that?

Loved the post and know how you feel. Same feeling only through the males perspective it tends to get more aggressive.

As for the 350KD. Don't be cheap :) Let me see if I can save up 20000KD and then go on a date with you :o win-win. I get to spend a good evening with you and you get a sexy black Camaro. Just give me a few years :p

Anonymous said...

Well when I read the part where you said he is taking care of his parents I heard a bing bing bing go off. You know that it is top of the list for American girls, the guy has to be good to his parents. (I know that doesn't count here) so maybe there is real hope in the situation. Now if he treats animals well and loves kid. There's a good chance...

Traveler said...

Next up....

A very special Desert Girl

Followed by a special Blossom special episode.

Expat and the City said...

I don't think that book would apply to dating Kuwaiti men. There needs to be a special book written just for them. :)

Chirp said...

I agree with expat, kuwaiti men need a whole book written about them, and then some.

There are some people that really piss me off, the type that never call back or even reply to your text, and you see them after a month or so, and they are like "oh im so sorry! but I was busy!"
I'm sorry I didn't know you were Obama, and barely had time to scratch your head.

One of the frats on my campus used to brand its members, which I thought was weird and just cow-like.

Anonymous said...

Ri. Hi DesertGirl :) Mind if i ask you where you got your Invisalign braces done here in Kuwait? and how much they cost? and if you any more details about your experience, that would be great because Im looking into straightening up my teeth as well :)
thanks (PS. love your posts and adore your style of writing :)