Wednesday, November 14, 2012

360 Mall’s Sculpture Gets More Damage

broken sclupture 360 mall 360 Malls Sculpture Gets More Damage

The popular sculpture that was made by Dale Chihuly was all over the news when a kid broke one of the flowers. I recently passed by it again and it looks like kids are having too much fun with crocs. I spotted at least 7 completely broken flowers and many damaged. I’m guessing 360 Mall isn’t going to up the budget to fix this.


Seriously, are people raising monkeys?  This is ART.  I think 360 needs to upgrade their security and put cameras in place (and maybe large display screens so the a-holes will know they are being filmed).   Or maybe they just need to place glass barriers around the upper balcony floors to protect the sculptures.  OR, best of all, ban children under the age of 21 (yes, I said children under 21...).

My sister had a Dale Chihuly vase.  It was one of her favorite objects (until the dogs ran around the house one day and broke it on the floor).  Estimated value:  $15,000 - for a single vase.  I can't IMAGINE how much this sculpture cost.


Anonymous said...

I was just at that mall today, I didn't know it had been damaged, it shouldn't of been touched, but honestly those things hanging there are ugly as heck yeeeshhh!

Angelo said...

As long as Kuwaitis refuse to raise their children and let overworked underpaid asian/african ladies care for them, this will happen. And when these poor "slaves" try to discipline these unruly kids, the kuwaiti "parents" punish them.

Ali Albaghli said...

"ban children under the age of 21 (yes, I said children under 21...)"


Traveler said...

Maybe just force kids to go barefoot so they are unarmed.

Arundhati Mishra said...

hi ,
liked your blog, and why not, we are in the same boat, staying here in kuwait since last 8 yrs, but still coping up to adjust with this culture