Thursday, December 06, 2012


I was actually thinking of this subject on the way to work this morning.  I have one of those "holier than thou" acquaintances who has emphasized many many times how faithful he is to his wife.  Eh?  What's that?  I guess 3-ways (without your wife) don't count?  Ooops.  Sometimes when you talk about it too much, it means that it is exactly the opposite, n'est pas?

Funny how these guys twist it.

I sat down to look at the paper and there is an article that stated, "Women can tell with some accuracy whether an unfamiliar male is faithful simply by looking at his face but men seem to lack the same ability...."  Fassscinating.  I think its true.

So while you are handing us BS about what a wonderful, faithful person you are, most of us already know the truth.


5hapimonkeys said...

Amen to that. Even the ones you never thought would ever do it, does it on a whim in order to experience the life on the other side of the track. It's sad that the sanctity of marriage is only important to some and an inconvenience to others.
"You weren't there when I needed you, she was",WTH?

Desert Girl said...

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of people with blinders on. I have friends who have made a convenience out of marriage (benefits again)... and then whenever the wife is away, "HAVE" to have sex with someone else because they are horny. Seriously? Is that a new medical condition? I hope the girls find out; or better yet, are out there doing it too.

brob1 said...

Dear DG: I beg to differ. You can not and should not categorize all men together.... as I won't make any assumptions about you based on other women that I have met. Keep looking... just look in a different place. I promise you there are still some good people out there in this world! Remember it is not how you get knocked down by someone... it is how you get back up and recover. Cheers!

chirp said...

Isnt it a medical condition? sexaholic? dont they have sexaholics anonymous??
I remember reading a long long time ago that halle berrys ex was a sexaholic, that was ages ago though.
I think its just an excuse.

Anonymous said...

That is the VERY reason I stumbled on to your blog. my fiance' is in Kuwait working for 6 months at a time. He says it's not safe for me to come visit. And it's a very nasty place, but yet he's on adult friend finder making "friends" and spending money because it's sooo expensive over there. I think he's good friends with the guy at the jewelry store, but I don't have any jewelry! Stick a fork in me! I'm DONE! Thanks for all the VALUABLE info on Kuwait. It really sounds like a great place.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 11:50 -

I am sorry for your loss. Sounds like you've been handed a hot, steaming pile of bullshit. ANY time you want to come visit, come see me and I'll show you the real Kuwait. United has daily direct flights to Kuwait. It is NOT a nasty, unsafe place.

What it is is the kind of place weak-ass Western men come to and meet Asian women and spend money on them because they are poor and pitiful. BS. I can't blame the girls - they are scraping their way out of their situations. I blame weak men with no values.

"Love you longtime." - At least till they can get that Green Card.

My advice has been that of Ivana Trump, "Honey don't get mad. Get EVERYTHING."

Sue the phuck out of him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I just might have to take you up on that offer sometime! :)
I'm just tired of the games. If you don't want me, tell me. I can handle it. Just don't keep stringing me along & playing with my head. It may not even be an Asian woman, could be somebody he's working with. Either way, it doesn't matter. What does matter is I deserve somebody that loves ME & only ME!

Thanks again for the info & encouragement!