Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What are the odds they all have the same name??

So since I met The Man, I have met 3 more men with the same first and last name (initials "HS").  I even met one of them while I was sitting with The Man's daughter at the US Embassy.  What kind of karma is THAT?

The Romanian thinks it is hilarious that The Universe keeps phuckin with me in this way.  Sometimes I can see them coming and I'll say to TR, 'Wait for it, wait for it... here it comes.... his name is going to be Hamad S....'  Ha ha.  Very funny, Universe.  TR:  "You know he's your destiny." (Lots and lots of giggles on her part.)  Me, non-plussed:  Oh yeah?  Really?  Huh.  That's fascinating.

Anyhooser, I met another one this week.  When I met him, I just knew him as "Bu Salem".  Didn't know a first or last name, didn't ask. Didn't care.  Business-related thing.  No biggie.  I'm not thinking anything about him one way or another.... Then, dude asks me to go to dinner (of COURSE HE DID)  and I found out his real name.

Oh snap.  Again?

What IS it with that name?  It isn't like it should be so common.  It isn't like it is Mohammed something.  Everybody is named Mohammed.

I won't tell you how my dinner date with HS#4 went.  Not that memorable.  Guess he was just sent as some kind of sick reminder.  I might have given dude a chance (maybe, but then again no) if he had just kept his name as "Bu Salem".

Yeah baby, there is nothing like the original.  A copy of a copy is never the same.   Hope you are doing well and thanks for writing to my mom.


Anonymous said...

What the mind is looking for the mind will find????????
Sounds like your subconscious is not quite over him .....
Although statistically there are many many dozens of those names - once a sunni family has a mohammad and abdullah, they can't go with an ali, hussain, etc they'll go with a khaled, ahmad and and and hamad!
btw, did you ever call him hamoodi?

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 9:05 -

Uh, nooo.... sounds like I keep meeting men with the same name.

Why should I call him Hamoodi? He's not 3. He's a man.