Thursday, December 06, 2012

2012 World's Best Airline Award Goes To....

Everybody loves a good pole... I mean, poll....

This one is from Global Travelers Magazine. It ranks the world's best airline as Singapore Airlines.  Additional poll scorers were:

Global Traveler magazine 2012 Annual Reader Survey Awards

Best Airline in the World: Singapore Airlines
Best Airline for International First Class: Emirates
Best Airline for Business Class: British Airways
Best Airline for Flight Attendants: Asiana Airlines
Best Airline for Flight Attendant Uniforms: Etihad Airways
Best Airline Cuisine: Alitalia

The complete list can be viewed HERE.

Whaaaaaaat - no United?  Gee.  How bout a favorable mention for outstanding service at check-in?  (LMAO)


American Girl said...

I'm really shocked Alitalia made the list at all. Took a 5 hour flight to Italy years ago, asked for water which never came. When I went to find a Flight Attendant I was told they were 'napping' by the one who wasn't sleeping but she was busy having lunch and told me to go back to my seat. A nap in a 5 hour flight?! With that kind of schedule how to they find time to serve the food?

I'm also surprised Etihad didn't make the list. Their economy class is so bad it's painful. Overbooked...always! However, their Business and First classes are awesome. But I can see why Emirates got best First Class -- you get to take a shower! :)

Desert Girl said...

AG - Look who they were polling,"GT readers are frequent premium travelers averaging 16 international and 16 domestic round-trip flights a year, with an average household income of $368,900 per year. Global
Traveler’s elite readers spend an average 100 nights per year in hotels. A whopping 76 percent regularly travel in business class."

These people turn left when they get on the plane. :)

Anonymous said...

qatar airways works for me
the staff at the office downtown all know me
i've got a weird last name, and counter staff ALWAYS pronounce it correctly
and regardless of the class of service i fly (mostly business class but not always) I am ALWAYS approached in mhy seat and welcomed by the senior attendent
but then again i am a frequent flyer and fill out a comment card ON EVERY FLIGHT
go qatar airways

American Girl said...

Oooooh, 'those' people. I only turn left when I saved enough miles :) We had planned to do Business this trip to the US, since it's a spectacular event. But the cats are only allowed to fly in Economy/Economy Plus. The sacrifices us animal lovers make for our pets are definitely worth it :)

Anonymous said...

I was a devoted Wataniya Airways fan, for the duration of the timeframe that they flew out of Kuwait, my life was calm because I fly on business to Dubai alot and would love to fly out of Shiekh Saad Terminal. Even the customs were civil, it was a new era for the airline industry in Kuwait, but like everything in Kuwait, it was mismanaged, mistakes were made and they closed shop. I continue to stomach Jazeera Airways, but it is not the same, the pressure to go through KIA is brutal. Singapore Airways is not the best. The GCC carriers are top-notch, namely Qatar Airways with that beautiful first class/business class lounge and the unique personalized service level actually surpasses Emirates. But Emirates is a success story on it's own. There is no other flying experience than the A380 and it does fly to Bangkok, so when you go to Phuket in Feb they now have a direct flight to Phuket. Why do I want to read about your trip to Phuket on this blog? Hmmmmm.